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2008-04-03 22:56:00

TrustBearer, Rapattoni Bring Security and Accessibility to MLS

TrustBearer Labs has partnered with Rapattoni Corp. to create an OpenID gateway for use by Rapattoni Corp.’s Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and membership customers. This gateway allows members to choose from several forms of strong authentication when accessing web applications, including those services provided by Rapattoni.

“By integrating OpenID, our customers are provided with a wider choice of security solutions based on the latest, emerging industry standards for Web Single Sign-On (SSO)” said Nick Rapattoni, president, Rapattoni Corp.

TrustBearer Access, a TrustBearer Labs solution, mitigates the risk of multiple passwords used traditionally to log on to multiple web sites. It provides a centralized alternative – a secure way for logging into multiple web sites via Web SSO. The TrustBearer portal uses smart cards, USB tokens, and fingerprint biometrics to authenticate the user. In collaboration with the Rapattoni identity management portal, users may also use their One-Time-Password (OTP) authentication token provided by Rapattoni Secure Logon.

“This is a tremendous example of how combining OpenID with multiple factors of strong user authentication can improve both security and convenience. It provides great value for user communities like multiple listing services (MLSs)” says TrustBearer Labs founder and CEO David Corcoran. “The way we built TrustBearer Access will make MLS logon less susceptible to phishing attacks and virtually unsusceptible to man-in-the-middle attacks.”

OpenID allows MLS membership data to automatically pre-populate the registration form that users may encounter when subscribing to new web sites. It furthermore allows that service vendor to set security parameters (e.g., the MLS shall use a minimum of two factors when authenticating users). The endorsement by Microsoft® and Yahoo!® of the OpenID specification and its security features (SReg and PAPE) is expected to help set the standard.

About OpenID

OpenID is an open standard adopted by several major companies that eliminates the need for multiple user names and passwords for different web sites by using a single OpenID.

About TrustBearer Labs

TrustBearer Labs delivers adaptive and effective identity solutions by creating software that simplifies and extends the use of authentication credentials. With over 10 years experience in developing applications in government, consumer, and health care, TrustBearer Labs is a recognized expert in making strong authentication and security simpler and more effective. More information about TrustBearer Labs can be found on the company web site at:

About Rapattoni

Rapattoni Corp. has been serving the real estate industry under the same name and management for 38 years. The company provides an array of integrated products and services for real estate associations and MLS organizations, including Internet MLS systems, association management software, and Secure Logon with Single Sign-On identity portals for online security and convenience. The company's MLS products are serving about 300,000 agents nationally and its association management customers represent more than 85% of the nation's REALTORS®. Rapattoni's headquarters are located in Simi Valley, CA.

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