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2009-08-05 22:15:18

T-ReX Global Property Management Software Eliminates Work for Landlords has announced today that a new upgraded version of SimplifyEm Property Management Software – which helps real estate investors, landlords, and property managers track income and expenses for rental properties – is helping users save more time and money. SimplifyEm is available at
According to real estate professional Janet Krauss, who reviewed SimplifyEm Property Management Software for Inman News, “Investors are looking for easier ways to keep track of property income and expenses. Spreadsheets are common but some are keeping their records on paper. They admit that they literally spend hours each month on their paperwork and absolutely hate doing it. A few of my clients didn’t want to tell me because they were embarrassed. Considering that some of them have 10-plus properties, I expected that they would have been more organized.” property management software’s simple and easy to use interface dramatically reduces the amount of time spent by real estate investors, landlords and property managers.
In a recent survey by nearly 94% of users said that SimplifyEm Property Management Software saved them as much as 3 weeks a year by keeping their property finances organized. Eighty-Five percent of users saved as much as $500 in tax deductions that they would have otherwise missed.
SimplifyEm, which includes an instant savings list of commonly overlooked expenses, and a quick easy setup that gets users up and running in less than a minute, was further enhanced to include the following:
·         Quick Search makes it fast and easy for user to quickly find properties, tenants and transactions.
·         Tenant History Report enables users to stay on top of rent payments made by tenants. This report shows what a tenant has paid and how much do they owe in one click.
·         Rent Allocation allows users to enter rents easily and track overdue rents and partial rent payments.
·         Visual Help provides answers to Frequently Asked Questions with screenshots that makes the application even simpler and easier to use.
·         Real Estate Monitor a monthly newsletter, provides latest real estate news, investment trends and opportunities in the real estate industry to keep users on top of the changing trends. builds property management software and tax filing web tools for investors to save time and money, and to maximize their returns on property investments. The Partner Program offers free real estate marketing tools to help real estate professionals grow their businesses by building strong relationships with real estate investors.
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