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2009-02-19 17:28:55

Trexglobal.Com Eliminates Aggravation For Real Estate Investors This Tax Season


There are 10 million real estate investors and landlords in the US, and 9 million of them own less than 10 properties. Tax season is a very busy and aggravating time for these real estate investors and landlords as they try to get their rental property finances organized to file their taxes. Popular personal finance software applications are not designed for managing rental property finances, and most real estate investors spend weeks agonizing to get their taxes organized. provides SimplifyEm Property Management Software to real estate investors and landlords to help them tackle their tax season woes. SimplifyEm Property Management Software helps property owners get organized in hours, so they don’t end up spending weeks to get their information gathered for their tax preparers. This innovative Property Management Software provides the following features:
  • Instant Money Savings with a comprehensive list of commonly overlooked expenses
  • Easy setup gets users up and running in less than a minute
  • Intuitive and simple worksheet to enter property income and expenses
  • Generate Schedule E with one click
  • Free email and phone support


“As a real estate investor, I am busy. On top of that during tax season, getting the property finances organized becomes a burden and headache,” said Donna McClennan, real estate investor from Camp Verde, Arizona. “I am thrilled with SimplifyEm Property Management Software because it has saved me time and money this tax season. Organizing property finances has never been this simple, and SimplifyEm property management software satisfies my needs with its easy to use interface.” Property Management Software is available now and is completely free for real estate investors and owners with less than five units. You can sign up for free, or subscribe to Premium Property Management Software at
About TReXGlobal builds property management software and tax filing web tools for investors to save time and money, and to maximize their returns on property investments. The TReXGlobal Partner Program, includes a series of products to manage every aspect of your investment management program.
T-ReX Global is a RealTown Approved Vendor and a participant in the Seal of Approval program. Learn more about increasing your business with investors, and co-brand your own free investor marketing tools by going to

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