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2008-09-05 18:46:01

Top 10 Ways to Make Money Now!


Top 10 Ways To Make Money Now.

Proposed questions and answers.
1) Question: What is something every agent can do now to make money?
Answer: Avoid any ‘free advice’ such as “Work Smart, Not Hard”. That’s dangerous if not stupid advice. In this market you must work hard, every day. There is nothing wrong with doing things yourself.
This market will not suffer fools or foolish advice.
2) Question: What separates the Agents who are successful in this market vs those who aren’t?
Answer: The successful agents..the super stars….Take Action Now…Worry About The Rest Later. Far too often agents fool themselves thinking that ‘getting ready to get started’ will produce results. Endless office meetings, Realtor tours, conferences are not taking action. You need action and you need action now.
3) Question: Does an agent have to ‘love’ selling real estate or have a ‘passion’ for selling homes?
Answer: No, don’t waste time trying to ‘follow your passion’ or ‘only do what you love.’ Honestly, who actually loves selling real estate. You fuel your passions with what results from your work. Also, no better way to spoil something you are passionate about than making it so you have to do it to make a living. You can become excellent at something and not have a passion for it. For most successful business people their work creates the fuel for their true lifes passions.
4) Question: What is the #1 mistake you see agents making in this market with regards to their expenses and business over head?
Answer: Lead With Revenue. Simply put, you must have earned the money before you can spend. Far too often agents think they have to spend loads of money on web sites, fancy brochures etc. before the have the cash to pay for it. Actually have a budget, keep to the budget. Review your P&L once per week, SAVE at least 10% off the top of every check. Have something to show for all of your efforts by years end.
5) Question: For years people have been saying real estate is a ‘Numbers Game’ but, you are saying something different….
Answer: Real Estate Is Not A Numbers Business. Don’t make the mistake of believing this is a ‘Numbers Business’. Its not. This is a ‘People Helping Business’. For example, doctors do have to track and know their numbers. But, they put people first. You should do the same.
6) Question: Ok, I am an agent and I am feeling very frustrated because what worked before isn’t working now…what should I do?
Answer: When The Going Gets Tough….The Smart Leave. That’s the exact opposite of what most people do. Here is the bottom line, if what you are doing isn’t working..make a change. Learn what it takes to not merely survive in this market but, THRIVE in this market. Open your eyes to what is really going on in the market. Condition are not getting better any time soon. Get into the flow of where the money is being made now. (Tell story about stock brokers making money regardless of the market..agents can do the same.)
7) Question: What are the best opportunites in this market for an agent?
Answer: You Must Be Where The Puck Is Going To Be..Not Where It Is. Markets across the country are in a massive state of change. Prices dropping, agents quitting, brokerages closing. But, the market is creating opportunities for those agents who are ‘where the puck is going to be’ vs. where it is. Short sales, REOs, Foreclosures, First Time Buyers, Investors, New business models are just a few example.
8) Question: One of the biggest challenges agents (and business people) have is time management and getting things done. How can an agent learn these vital skills…where do they start?
Answer: Do What Matters Most First, Everyday. Ask yourself every day this simple question, “ How Can I Be Of Service To Others At The Highest Levels..Today.” What you discover is that the answers to that question are also the very things that will earn you a commission. Create a schedule where you do all of your lead follow up, prospecting, blogging, contract negotiating in the morning. Do what matters most first.
9) Question: Can you share with us a practical simple way to get more done every day?
Answer: Prioritize, Write Down 2-3 Things You Will Get Done Every Day. Every evening at the end of your day write down 2-3 things you will get done the follow day. Focus on getting those things done and avoid procrastination.
10) Question: From your experience having coached thousands of agents what is the single biggest reason agents suffer from ‘burn out”?
Answer: No More Delayed Living. Decide now to live on purpose with purpose. Create Business That Is Designed Around Your Lifestyle. Most agents design their lifestyles around their businesses. Decide what you will experience this year. Where will you travel, who will you spend more time with, how much do you want to save, what do you want to payoff…then design your business around those goals. Do this and you will be more motivated than you have ever experience before because you are living on purpose with purpose.
(Tim and Julie Harris are the principles at Harris Real Estate Univeristy. The web site specializes in educating real estate agents on handling short sales and adapting to current market conditions. They are a RealTown Approved Vendor.)

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