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2010-10-12 01:28:07

Tips for New Laptop

When you buy a new laptop, you should pay attention to the batteries first. Moveable is the most advantage of laptops, and this function is quite relevant with the battery. So, if there is no battery with a laptop, the laptop will just be a high-tech waste only.
The battery maybe much different between the new one and when you had used it for a time. It always showed that, the charging will be end at a shorter time, and the power is not so enough when full charged. As known to us, these problems will be solved via several times of charging and discharging process to get the best performance of the battery. And you should notes that though the brand new battery can be charged directly, else, the performance of Dell INSPIRON 8600 battery always can’t achieve the best state.
When you get the brand new laptop, don’t hurry to charge the battery. As the manufacturer will left a little battery to test laptop’s performance, there will be power remain in the battery. Start the laptop and using the battery to alarm or automatic to standby. You can set the laptop alarm at 10% power and standby at 3% power. Then charge the battery fully with the laptop on or off, and then discharge the power. Generally, do 3 times charging and discharging of the batteries will make the battery to be best, it's most like the digital camera battery.
Laptop LCD
The LCD of the laptop is weak. The manufacturers always stick protective film on the LCD to protect it. And this film should be turn off before using, else, it will be effect the results of the LCD showing greatly. Carefully, you should turn it off carefully as the film is so tight to the LCD, you should do it slowly and start it from a corner of the LCD. You should using too heavy force or violently. The LCD will be aging to yellow if there are hurt to it. You can stick the protective on screen.
Laptop Bag
Choose a good bag to Asus Eee PC battery laptop is so necessary. A right laptop bag can protect your laptop finely, and what’s important, it can avoid your laptop from accidents. New users should note that not all the original bag is fit your laptop. Different to the common office package, a good laptop bag should have enough strength of the 4 frame and protect isolation layer.
And to the special ones which is hard to deal with one (for example: Sony VAIO), you should pay more attention to the shell, and you’d batter choose a bag which with soft inside bag.

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