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2012-03-13 21:08:27

Three Myths That Can Prevent Quantum Leaps in Your Real Estate Career

Take a minute and think of the most successful real estate agent or broker you know. What’s coming to mind? The number of houses they sell? The way they carry themselves? Their flair for marketing? The way they dress? How they just always seem to get the best listings?

Something I hear agents say they believe some inborn gift has been magically bestowed upon top producers. I hear comments like, “Oh, well, they’re just a natural at it.” Or, “They were just born to sell.” It’s like they see successful people as somehow being endowed with special ability.

Hear me, and hear me good, that’s the biggest piece of bologna you could ever possibly think. And write this next sentence down and paste it where you can see it every day: Your future -- and your success in that future -- is in your hands. But it comes down to one step at a time -- with effort, practice and persistence.

No matter how successful that top producer you thought of is, I can guarantee you one thing for certain: success didn’t just land in his or her lap. Name a superstar in business, sports or any field and I can promise you hours upon hours and days upon days of tedious practice and effort are behind every single one of them. 

As I’ve traveled the country helping agents, I’ve come to realize three myths have sprouted in many agents’ minds -- myths that keep them locked in mediocrity.

Myth 1 – “It takes too much hard work to be successful in real estate.” Don’t get me wrong, it does take work, but hard work? If you consider all the work you do in your job as hard work, you might be in the wrong profession. That’s something to think about. But if you enjoy your job, stick with me here. Every client who has followed the Corcoran system has learned to produce more by working fewer hours each week. Believe me, I have testimonials on top of testimonials to prove it.

Myth 2 – “Success costs a lot of money.” Again, total fallacy. I have my clients identify all expenditures over $250 to determine the return on investment for each to see if there’s a better way to spend that money – or to not spend it at all. The result? My clients end up spending less and earning much, much more (on average they see an increase in income by 47 percent in the first 12 months) as they implement the right strategies and tactics in their businesses. Part of this myth is perpetuated by toys. Agents often spend far too much on all the new toys that come out every few months. Truth is, most of these toys simply aren’t needed.

Myth 3 – “Finding the right place to begin is too difficult.” All I can say about this one is e-mail me at and sign up for a free consultation. We’ll help you get a good, objective overview of some practical steps you can start immediately to turn your business around. It’s a start that has worked for hundreds of agents and brokers.

I’ll leave you with a little poem I once heard:

Mile by mile, life's a trial.
Yard by yard, life is hard.
But inch by inch, life's a cinch!

Let me hear from you. Are you guilty of believing any of these three myths? Are any of these myths keeping you from reaching your full potential? What’s blocking you from being more successful today, right now? Please send any comments or questions you have to or


Bob Corcoran is a nationally recognized speaker and author who is founder and president of Corcoran Consulting Inc. (, 800-957-8353), an international consulting and coaching company that specializes in performance coaching and the implementation of sound business systems into the residential or commercial broker or agent’s existing practice.

We look forward to hearing from you.  Sign up TODAY for your complimentary business consultation.

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