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2011-04-19 22:54:28

The Wild Ride!!!!!

I guess Allison James Estates and Homes® have finally crossed the threshold of respectability.

The reason I say that Allison James Estates and Homes® has crossed the threshold of respectability is because just recently we have been attacked from multiple companies and individuals.

I knew that as soon as the realization that our business model was here to stay, and as the Real Estate industry took notice and realized that our business model is the future of our industry… the attacks would start.

So, I guess I’m flattered. It was nice during the first three ( 3 ) years while we grew by over 400 Realtors from zero Realtors. We are now operating in 14 states and averaging monthly sales recently of over $80 million in volume per month, on 400 sales per month.

While we got a lot of attention and had this spectacular growth with virtually zero marketing or advertising, I knew the day would come that our competitors would have to hunker down and draw their weapons. That day seems to have arrived.

This past week I have received several crazed emails from the typical Brick and Mortar Brokers accusing us of being some type of “alien beings”.

Allison James Estates and Homes® new business model is to the Real Estate Industry what the jet engine was to the aviation industry. We represent a paradigm shift in the industry, and after three ( 3 ) years not only have we proven our business model is the future, we have proven that the Realtors are in love with the business model. When was the last time you had all your Realtors telling you on almost a daily basis how happy they are to be working in your company.

It’s not just the Realtors either, it’s the Brokers. They have no expenses, every penny made is pure profit and they build a company with a guaranteed buyout after seven ( 7 ) years should they wish to exercise the buyout. The buyout is established right up front as well, so there is no question what the vested interest is worth at the end of seven ( 7 ) years.

The last couple of months have been a pleasant surprise. New brokers are affiliating with us on almost a weekly basis. We’re opening new territories within states, and our sales volume doubled in less than a single month.

We have had three ( 3 ) National Recruiters not only sign up to recruit for Allison James Estates and Homes but have made us their exclusive client.

As a result I now get the emails wanting to take me fishing off shore where I might possibly have an accident or they want to hang me from the highest tree.

So I now know that we are a challenger!

So for all the Realtors out there that read this post, you need to take a hard look at your future. For all the Brokers out there that struggle to make a profit, you are guaranteed a profit with Allison James Estates and Homes®. The size of your profit is only based on how big you want to get.

James A. Crumbaugh III is CEO of Allison James Estates and Homes. The only National Internet Based Real Estate Brokerage. To contact Mr. Crumbaugh email him at

So today make that decision to keep all of your commissions and check out  We don’t just give you 100% of your commissions. We give you 100% support as well. You are our customer and we respect you and treat you with respect.  So CHOOSE CAREFULLY, THEN CHOOSE THE BEST.

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