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2008-09-08 15:44:19

The Top Three Steps You Must Take for SEO Strategies to Work


Our goal is to help our clients improve their visibility on the search engines, but it’s really a team effort. Because content is still king, we are placing an even stronger focus on tying in more of keyword phrases into our client’s existing content.
Here are three things we recommend our clients do if they want our strategies to work for them:
1.     Make your content client-friendly. If your content is all about you and how wonderful an agent you are, even if you get loads of traffic driven to your website, you may be disappointed that those prospects are converting to sales. The reason is because you are not giving them what they want. 

So fundamental #1: your prospects are not going to type in your name to find you, unless they know you. Even then, people tend not to type in agents’ names when searching for houses online. Instead, they will most likely have typed in the location and kind of housing for which they are looking. 

For example, a prospective client would be more likely to type in "Phoenix luxury homes" rather than “Jane Doe Amazing Realtor.”

If you mention Phoenix luxury homes in your content (even duplicating and modifying the phrase such as "luxury homes in Phoenix", "Phoenix homes and luxury living", etc) the search engines will find it easier to wrap their tentacles around your site. It will tell the search engines this is part of the “theme” of that particular page.  Similar keyword phrases, even with the words mixed around, are a good way to embed this as your theme, as long as it makes grammatical sense.
2.     Be specific in your area of specialty or expertise. When writing content for your website, whether for your home page or other pages, be specific! Specificity will identify you as the expert in your field. This also means that your area of expertise should be specific as well.

In what area of real estate are you an expert?  Real estate sales?  Not specific enough.

Try these: Short sales, foreclosures, investments, rentals, new homebuyers, seniors, luxury living, waterfront, condos, suburban, urban, farms and ranches, lots, etc.  It is best to specialize only in one or two areas.
3.     Create a separate webpage that focuses on your specialty and link to it from your home page.    If you are using standard boilerplate content that is not interesting to your prospects, it will also probably not be keyword-friendly. When we do the research for our client's best keyword phrases, we frequently find unique and optimal keyword phrases that would drive prospects to their websites.

Here's an example.  Let's say that we find an optimal keyword phrase is "Phoenix private schools."  By definition, this means prospective clients are making a high number of requests on the search engines for this phrase with little competition for it in other agent websites.   This is good.

If you then create a separate web page that is all about “Phoenix private schools” and link to it from your Home page, you will exponentially increase your visibility. Even better.
Search Engines Love Themes
The major search engines are now looking more and more for the "theme" of your website. They are getting better and better at figuring out if you have a theme or if you are just fluff. These three steps will keep you focused on your theme. If you put more time and effort into your website from your client’s perspective, it will pay off by converting more leads into actual sales. And that’s the best of all.
(Randy Eagar is both a national speaker and trainer as well as an SEO consultant to hundreds of well-known real estate professionals. He has received the reputation of being a technology humorist as he makes technology enjoyable and interesting.)

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