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2007-02-24 11:58:00

'The Real Estate Tomato' Blog is Ripe on the Vine

The Real Estate Tomato
Jim Cronin
Paradise, CA

Real Estate Tomato Blog is a treasure of marketing tips for REALTORS.

The Real Estate Tomato is all about online real estate marketing. It is a blog with an attitude, often irreverant, but mostly right. I cheered when I read The Tomato's recent post about blogging evangelists who see blogging as a rocket science. The Tomato's advice to bloggers is simple:

Step 1. Find your focus.
Step 2. Write your articles.
Step 3. Go to bed.

One of the remarkable things about marketing and the World Wide Web is the proliferation of helpful sites run by entrepreneurs who are marketing products. The Real Estate Tomato sells blogging products but the valuable marketing information on the site is available to everyone, and there is a high level of intelligent discourse about all things blogging. A roster of guest bloggers includes "Blogging Goddess" Teresa Boardman and Real Estate Consumer Guide Elizabeth Weintraub who take time off from their platforms and real estate practice to share their thoughts and observations.

Bernice Ross, Ph.D., renowned real estate author and trainer, calls this blog "the best blog for real estate bloggers" who want to learn the craft. I've never been one to argue with Bernice Ross. The Real Estate Tomato is ripe and in season all year long.

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