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2010-12-21 16:49:25

The Power of Taking a Day Off

Believe it or not, taking a day off is a great way to grow your business.  When you own a business it can be easy to fall into the trap of working every single day because there is always work to be done. 

But all this non-stop work can become a problem over time, one that sneaks up on you unexpectedly.  You can start to feel less energized about your business when you never take a break from it. There is a simple solution, but it is not always easy to implement.  The solution is to take a day off.  Regularly. 

Most Real Estate Agents, work seven days a week, week after week.  But did you know that after the first week with no time off, you work at a less than 100% and your effectiveness continues to decline as you continue to work week after week without a break. Your business increases when you take time off.  Now that is providing that you take the day off correctly.

Most Agents’s who think they can’t take a day off are working at about 60% effectiveness and as they begin to take days off correctly their production almost magically increases.  What is actually happening is that you gain effectiveness in lots of subtle ways.  You are thinking more clearly.  You are sharper in everything from your appearance to your language, your decisions, you start making those calls that seem to never quite get made. 

Planning is the key to increasing your business as you take your day off with peace of mind and here’s how.

To take a day off each week successfully and correctly you need to begin planning for it two days before your day off.

  1. Call all pending clients
  2. Call all listed sellers
  3. Touch base with your hottest buyers
  4. Choose your priority project and what you want to accomplish on it.

By the way this will take about two hours for most Agents.  The more business you have the longer it will take.  For those of you doing over forty transactions it is more challenging and you should call me to talk about it. 

Remember this is two days before your day off.  So, you can then spend the next day, the day before your day off handling any hot issues that may come up from your pending client, listed seller, and hot buyer calls. By doing this you’ll gain control over any fires that are burning so that you can relax the next day knowing where things stand. 

Plus, having put your next priority project in mind will ensure that you begin to accomplish those tasks and they do not remain permanently on a to-do list that may never get done.

There are few decisions to make about your day off.

  • Are you going to answer your phone?
  • Have someone else check for your calls.
  • Leave a message that you are unavailable.  (I don’t like that one.)
  • Have your calls go to voice mail and check your VM a couple times during the day. (One of my clients had a women in her office check her voice mail three times a day… …  she paid her $25 for doing this.  Less than the cost of a tank of gas for a full day of freedom, a good investment, I think.)

I do have an exception to your day off.  I call it signatures.

  • If someone is going to sign something, do it. 
  • And if you end up working on your day off take the next day instead.


You will often hear me say.  Your business should serve your life, not the other way around.  You are working so that you can enjoy your life and so you can provide a quality life for those you spend time with on your day off. 

The last decision you need to make is which day to take off. This is a personal decision based on your business practices, area and personal life. I suggest taking the same day of week off consistently.

I coach my clients to take at least one day off each week.  If necessary, stop working at noon, and then plan ahead for a full day off.  Block out the time on your calendar with a label for “Personal” or “Fun and Relaxing” time. 

Taking a day off each week and planning your business go together.  The self discipline, the personal choice and follow through of taking day off is the catalyst, the stimulus for bringing better choices and better follow through into your business and into your life.

So, right now, what day each week would be your best choice of a day off?  Choose one now.   



Rich Levin is a Real Estate coach and teacher whose focus is teaching Agents to understand and control their business. Through that understanding Agents achieve satisfying, successful careers and lives.  For more information on Rich’s work; go to   Rich is President of Rich Levin's Success Corps Inc. Contact him at 585-244-2700 or

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