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2007-09-17 11:35:00


Did you ever have one of those dreams where you’re going along just fine, maybe you’re about to walk into a meeting or open the office door when suddenly you look down and realize that you’re naked?

If you’ve had the dream, you know the sinking feeling that comes along with it. What am I doing here? How could I have forgotten to get dressed? Where are my clothes? What do I do now?

Fortunately, you wake up.

But you know what? For a lot of real estate agents, that dream is not so far different from their reality. They conduct their business “naked.” Well … not actually naked. It’s more like the "Emperor’s New Clothes" Remember that Hans Christian Anderson story? The Emperor is tricked into buying a fancy new outfit, and when he parades it in front of his subjects, no one is brave enough to tell him that he’s naked — except for one little boy.

Our “naked” REALTORS® have similarly been tricked. In this case, they’ve tricked themselves by thinking that the way they’re doing business is going to get great results, so they just keep doing the same things over and over and over. But guess what? No big surprise here. They don’t get the results they expect — so they keep sabotaging themselves, and blaming others.

These agents have wrapped themselves in bad habits. They’re so used to doing these things, they don’t even see what they’re doing. What are these habits that they embrace so enthusiastically?

The REALTOR's® Fake Tool Belt:

• Excuses
• Self pity
• Anger
• Lack of integrity
• Inconsistency
• Apathy
• Lying
• Ingratitude
• Insecurity
• Self doubt
• Uncertainty
• Laziness
• Fear
• Worry
• Timidity
• Procrastination
• Blaming

Our naked real estate agents are simply addicted to their bad habits. They don’t know they’re naked — they only know that they’re not having fun, they’re not getting good results, they’re not making enough money, and — funny thing — they just don’t seem to be attracting the clients or friends they want.

Well, okay. They can go along like our friend the Emperor, and maybe they’ll never know what people are saying behind their backs.

But there’s another approach. It’s called packing your tool belt. If you look around, you’ll notice that really successful people always carry this equipment. They’re never caught without it. So, what are these amazing tools?

The REAL REALTOR's® Tool Belt:

 • Focus
• Ambition
• Responsibility
• Confidence
• Courage
• Accountability
• Initiative
• Discipline
• Follow through
• Character
• Love
• Enthusiasm
• Integrity

These tools are available for anyone who consciously and willfully chooses them. They produce tangible, massive results and have far more to do with your success than any other factors in your life.

Where do you get them? Well, first you need someone like that little boy in the Emperor’s story. Maybe that’s a business partner, a close friend or a coach—someone who can tell you honestly, yes, you have some pretty useless tools. First step, big step, great step! Then, one at a time, you look at each of your useless tools and you make a conscious decision to replace it with a new, useful tool. Sometimes it takes some practice before you get used to using your new tools. But once you’ve refilled your tool belt with the tools of mass production, you’ll be amazed at how quickly things start to change in your life. In fact, you may find that your tool belt makes you feel so confident that naked’s not so bad!

You have a choice: Naked or equipped?

What do you really want?

(Patti Kouri, GRI, Accelerated Performance Coaching, is a Master Coach who works closely with executives, managers, and real estate sales professionals. She offers dynamic and innovative techniques to help people achieve their goals and specializes in breaking through limits. “I work with people with big visions for themselves who want to make a dream into reality or create more meaning in their lives.”)

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