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2009-05-22 17:29:49

The Internet and Real Estate


You’ve been duped or you have misunderstood!
It is not all about the Internet.!
For the past few years if you asked a REALTOR if they were marketing themselves, their listings or trying to reach buyers, most have the same answer, “Yep, I have 5 websites!” Or “Sure I do, I have a great REALTOR site!”
Ok, I’m going to say it. The Internet is not the all! It is not a replacement for farming, marketing yourselves, working a sphere of influence, searching for buyers where they are or becoming best known as the specialist in a neighborhood, community, small town, Church, Civic Group or in the PTA. It is only a tool to be used in each farming strategy. After all, if you asked a person with land if they were farming they would not say, “Sure, I got a hoe.” The hoe, is a tool, not the whole farming plan.
Look at the most successful REALTORS you know. Do they work hard? Do they have a full plan to reach buyers and sellers? Do they have a strategy to give buyers and sellers a reason to use them? They spent a considerable effort to be the best known REALTOR within the group or sphere of influence they decided to dominate.
You know they have. The fact they are tops is no accident. And if you read this again you will see there are 3 things that you must do to be one of those top REALTORS.
1.      Work hard
2.      Develop a Sphere of Influence - Find a way to reach buyers where they are (And the answer is Not the Internet -We are talking real places here- in a group, club, Church, community, neighborhood, or small town.)
3.      Give buyers and sellers a reason to choose you. Get involved. Have value. Be more than a person with a license.
You need a whole strategy, not just one tool. And yes the Internet will be a part of the entire strategy. Or you could just be like 80% of REALTORS wandering around with a tool or 2 and not have any place to use them.
A former Broker and REALTOR for nearly 20 years, Don founded after discovering a unique way to stay in front of all the buyers, all the sellers and all the residents of our home neighborhood and real estate farm. During his real estate career he was active in the local board, serving on the Ethics Committee for many years and chairing it for 2. I penned a regular column in the board’s print publication on Grievance, Ethics and Professional Standards. Check out the company website at
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