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2011-09-19 23:19:56

The Benefits of Risk Taking

Hello Good Negotiators

Forgive my absence last week in providing a weekly tip.  I'll double up soon. 


My reason (no excuse) is that my wife and I moved from Pennsylvania to Montana.  The 2,441 mile jaunt was uneventful and beautiful.

Wow, what a blessed nation we are.


Making a move that big, that significant involved some risk.

That's what change often is - just taking a risk.  I thought of all the early settlers who made the trip we did without benefit of motorized vehicles and interstate highways.  And they didn't even have a clear vision of what awaited them!


As negotiators we need to step out, change our ways and take risks if we want to achieve the full benefits of life's experiences.


The Benefits of Risk Taking


So what's holding us back as we venture toward better deals and results.  It's been said, no risk - no reward.  It's true.  That which satisfies us the most typically involves us operating outside the box of our common experience.


Think of all the situations we encounter daily whereby we proceed to accept the terms, conditions and prices quoted by others.  Why don't we at least ask for improved terms?  Isn't the only risk that we'd be thought of as being strange, odd or even "cheap".  Take the risk.  Ask courteously.  Put the pressure on your opponent to justify their price and terms.  Don't wait for high price issues to begin this risk taking process.  Start on everyday issues.  The risks are small and the practice invaluable.


Today's visual queue is the 'cash register'.  That's where we've been taught to pay the list, sticker or bar coded  price.  The next time you approach one, put that puzzled look on your face and ask, "Is that price right?"  (Flinch)  "My wife/husband would kill me if I paid this." (Higher Authority)  "If I bought two would you give

me the courtesy of a discount?" (Trade off)   Be prepared to walk

away from the purchase if you can't get a better deal or ask, "Isn't there something you could do for me to make this work for us both?" (Win-Win)


We used this risk taking technique at hotels and motels in our cross country trip.  We often stopped late in the evening.  We

pulled up in a loaded pickup truck and a U-Haul van.   They knew we

were moving.  We always questioned the price of the room and always indicated we might just have to jump back on the highway and stop somewhere else.  That was a risk for us, because we really wanted to stop now.  But, more often than not, a generous concession was made.  Once we started taking such risks, each succeeding encounter was easier.


Isn't  that what good negotiators do?  They are creative, persistent and courteous.  They're also fearless as they build up their risk taking abilities as the Keep Negotiating!

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