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2008-07-14 19:25:50


In today’s world there is no doubt that there is a lot of negativity to put our thoughts on, whether it is within the real estate market, the financial market, the energy situation, terrorism, floods or fires. 
Hummm!  Keeping in mind that the law of physics states, like energy attracts like energy, what we think about all day long expands.  It has been said if we are focusing on all of the negativity in the world or in our personal life, we will most likely bring to ourselves a future we are trying to avoid without even realizing it…..
I am here to bring you hope!
No matter what our concerns might be about the future — and we all get them — when we focus on the present, we find much to be grateful for. This feeling of gratitude always engenders feelings of peace and harmony, which is a healing event.
If you feel courageous, try this experiment…focus on all the pending doom around you and see how you feel.  Now try the opposite, focus on all the areas in your life you are grateful for.  How different do you feel?  Which feeling makes you feel happier?  Did you find it is easier to think quickly of something negative rather then something to be grateful for?  Focusing on the negative has become a bad habit that needs to be broken immediately if you desire a better future.  
"Gratitude is the secret to life" - Albert Schweitzer

Dr Robert Emmons, author of Thanks makes a great case for the importance of gratitude in life and he has scientific evidence to prove it. Emmons opens his book with experimental evidence showing how gratefulness can increase happiness by 25%.
Given that gratefulness can increase happiness, and happiness is a very attractive energy and very contagious, once you start paying more attention to what you have to be grateful for, you will notice you are attracting money, love, better health, plus more and better opportunities to be happy.
Everything in life is a ‘cause and effect’.  Money and good health, are all effects.  The cause is a feeling of gratitude. happiness and joy. 'What', 'how' or 'if' you take action comes directly from how you are feeling.  
In the 15 years I have been coaching real estate agents internationally, I have discovered that an ATTITUDE of gratitude, competent APPROACH and FAITH are the three most critical keys to success. All 3 three must  be strong.
Today I am observing that the agent who is frustrated with his results is paying attention to updating and improving his approach and skills, yet not enough attention i to upgrading and improving his attitude and expectations to that of gratitude and faith.  You are only as strong as your weakest link. 
Let’s stop and take a breath and turn this around.  Decide to be successful regardless of circumstances.  Continue to improve your skills, and this time add "Gratitude" and "faith"’ to the mix. Notice how much more happy you feel and opportunities for success you attract. 
To round this all off here are Dr Robert Emmons author of ‘Thanks” top 10 tips for actually becoming more grateful.

1. Keep a gratitude journal.

Sit down, daily, and write about the things for which you are grateful. Start with whatever springs to mind and work from there. Try not to write the same thing every day but explore your gratefulness.

2. Remember the bad.

The way things are now may seem better in the light of bad memories. Don't forget the bad things that have happened, the contrast may encourage gratefulness.

3. Ask yourself three questions.

Choose someone you know, then first consider what you have received from them, second what you have given to them and thirdly what trouble you have caused them. This may lead to discovering you owe others more than you thought.

4. Pray.

Whether you are Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Muslim or atheist, a ritualized form of giving thanks may help increase gratitude.

5. Use your senses.

80% of people say they are thankful for their health. If so, then get back in touch with the simple human fact of being able to sense what is out there: use your vision, touch, taste and smell to experience the world, and be thankful you can.

6. Use visual reminders.

Two big obstacles to being grateful are simply forgetting and failing to be mindful. So leave a note of some kind reminding you to be grateful. It could be a post-it, an object in your home or another person to nudge you occasionally.

7. Swear an oath to be more grateful.

Promise on whatever you hold holy that you'll be more grateful. Sounds crazy? There's a study to show it works.

8. Think grateful thoughts.

Called 'automatic thoughts' or self-talk in cognitive therapy, these are the habitual things we say to ourselves all day long. What if you said to yourself: "My life is a gift" all day long? Too cheesy? OK, what about: "Every day is a surprise".

9. Acting grateful is being grateful.

Say thank you, become more grateful. It's that simple.

10. Be grateful to your enemies?

It'll take a big creative leap to be thankful to the people who you most despise. But big creative leaps are just the kind of things likely to set off a change in you. Give it a try.
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"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you did not do, then by what you did do" -- Mark Twain …

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