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2008-10-13 18:27:04

T-ReX Global Signs Agreement to Provide Investor Tools for RT Members


InternetCrusade's RealTown®, the industry’s oldest and most respected real estate network, has signed an affiliate agreement with T-ReX Global, Inc. to provide RealTown members with access to free property management software and tax filing web tools for real estate investors.
Through this affiliation, RealTownwill feature T-ReX Global’s simple software web tools and provide access to its members through the RealTown Store and as part of the RealTown Approved Vendor program.
“We are excited to have T-ReX Global as part of the RealTown community,” said John Reilly, RealTown CEO and Publisher. “The investor package they bring to the table provides our members access to some valuable tools that should be part of any real estate professional’s tool kit. We believe the synergy between our two organizations will provide an incredible opportunity.”
The real estate portal has been publishing online content since 1995. The various communities -- including RealTalk -- offer members the opportunity to share opinions, information, and education for real estate consumers and professionals. T-ReX Global will be sharing its products to more than 113,000 opt-in members who participate in the RealTown network.
"We are thrilled with this opportunity to work with RealTown, the industry leader and most professional network for REALTORS® today,” said Pankaj Shukla, CEO of T-ReX Global, Inc. “This is a vibrant community that understands the importance of the Internet in the industry, and we look forward to being part of the growing opportunities for RealTown members."
About InternetCrusade®

InternetCrusade ( is a San Diego-based company that was founded in 1995. Specializing in online publishing, InternetCrusade provides tools and systems for real estate professionals including domains, domain hosting, e-mail systems and hosting, listservs, online voting and surveys.
InternetCrusade powers the real estate portal, the industry’s oldest and most respected real estate network, which features a variety of online communities and a wealth of community created content.
For more information, contact Rich Hudson at or call him at (866) 377-0627.
About T-ReX Global
T-ReX Global, Inc. builds software for investors to save money and maximize returns on property investments. The T-ReX Global Partner Program offers free real estate marketing tools to help real estate professionals increase their businesses. Products offered by T-ReX Global include Simplify’em Property Management Software (, Depreciate’em (, Defer’em (, and RealTaxTips (
For more information, contact Niman Singh at or call (510) 979-9066.

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