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2007-11-09 18:40:00 Releases San Diego Homes and Fires Risk Map

In response to media coverage of the San Diego fires and the fires' devastation to homeowners, the Real Estate Team has combined various map data to allow homeowners to see fire zone risks, recent fire destruction, and climate zone data all on a single map. The Team has also released a prediction of possible high-risk areas that may be subject to devastation in the near future for current homebuyer consideration.

Developed by John Hokkanen, lead REALTOR of the Team, the map combines fire zone risk data with 2003 and 2007 fire season burn data. It also overlays climate zone data showing the relationship of the marine, coastal, and transitional climate zones to the fire risk zones. The discussion of the map also identifies two areas that may have extraordinarily high risk for home destruction due to a combination of high fire zone risk and buildup of flammable material. The page also provides a summary of the major strategies that homeowners can use to reduce the risk that their homes will burn due to a wildfire as well as links to other resources.

"As head of one of the leading real estate teams, we felt that buyers and sellers both wanted this kind of actionable information," explains Hokkanen. "Home buyers saw dozens of their neighbors' homes burn on the TV news, and they want to know, 'Where are the riskiest areas?' That is the question that we have sought to answer with an easy-to-understand map based on real data."

Hokkanen has created rich local web sites that are used by thousands in San Diego County. Hokkanen's expertise as a software developer, real estate broker, and former chief knowledge officer, has allowed him to create comprehensive web resources that help local home buyers and sellers answer critical questions about the real estate market. The Team's web sites extensive used of mapping extends back to 2002 when he developed his own real estate mapping system because other web-based mapping tools were not available at the time. Color-coded, enriched maps of all sorts can be found on the Team's sites.

About Real Estate Team

The Team is a group of Casa Bella realty and mortgage agents who came together under the leadership of John Hokkanen. Their business model focuses on developing high-value information products for their clients and using technology to offer new services to their clients. All of their service is focused around local expertise. Instead of organizing into buyer/listing agents, the Team agents each specialize on a particular area and serve both buyers and sellers. Clients benefit because they always work with a local expert.  

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