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2010-05-03 01:15:55

5 Steps to Real Estate Video Marketing Success!


Video marketing is growing like wildfire and if you haven’t already begun using it in your real estate practice you need to start NOW.  Below you’ll find a simple 5 step process you can use to get started or add to your repertoire in using video marketing for your business.

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Step 1: Start with the end in mind

OK I know that is a little cliché but it’s critical when it comes to using video as part of your real estate marketing plan.  There are really only about 4 different outcomes to try and accomplish and they are as follows

Once you have your desired outcome for your video it’s time to move onto step number 2.

Step 2: Keyword research

Regardless of your desired outcome you’ll need to some keyword research to determine what keywords you want go after with your video.  This sounds complex but really it’s pretty simple.  Go to Google and type in google keyword tool.  Then you can simply enter keywords that you would want to target and Google will tell you how much traffic those keywords are getting.  Here’s a keyword example: foreclosure listings Harrisburg pa.  Once you have a list of potential keywords go back to the Google search and enter in your keywords to see how many competing sites there are on Google. The best keywords to target are those that have high search volume and not that many competing pages.  For more info on how to do this research check out:

Step 3: What type of video will you use?

There are several video types you can use.  For example you can create a video slide show, video property tour, neighborhood video tour, screen capture video and the list can go on and on.  You just need to pick which type of video you are going to use and then…

Step 4: Create or Render

Once you determine the type of video you’ll need to create it.  How you create the video is going to depend on the type you choose in step 3.  You may need to go to an actual property and shoot the video tour or you may be able to simply create it on your computer with a slide show or screen capture.  Once you have it created you will need to either upload it to a video sharing site or you may need to first render the video and then upload.

Step 5: Syndication & Distribute (The Fun Part)

So you have your video created, now what? It’s time to get it up and out on the net.  There are tons of video sharing sites out there, but definitely the best and most recognized is Youtube.  So that is probably the best place to start.  It’s super easy to create an account and upload a video there.  But if you really want to turbo charge your results you are going to want to syndicate your video on many different video sharing sites.  I know this sounds like a big pain, but here’s the cool thing, there are sites out there that will do it for you.  The best free site to do this is  The way it works is you upload your video to tubemogul and then enter your title, description and tags and it will actually syndicate your video to a bunch of different sites all at the same time! 

I hope you enjoyed this information and put it into action. If you are looking for more great info on how to use video in your real estate practice go to: and download your copy of our FREE real estate video marketing cheat sheet and accompanying trainings.

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