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2012-01-26 20:31:38

Social Media Marketing So Simple Even Grandma Can Do It!

Gloria Valvasori with Better Homes & Gardens is 67 years old, raising three grandchildren, a full time Realtor® … oh and a wiz at seo and social media marketing! 

Now before you say she must have been a computer geek all along … nothing could be further from the truth.



Gloria realized that her time is a precious commodity, especially with three grandchildren depending on her, so by leveraging the technology available today she is more productive and profitable.

In this video interview Gloria shares: 
1.The attitude you need to win on line 
2.How to overcome F.E.A.R.
3.Simple Facebook strategies that you can use 
4.and much, much more You can visit Gloria at her web site or email her Be sure to pass this video to others you know .. share the love!

All Good Wishes,

michael krisa

PS. PLEASE leave your facebook comments below



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