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2010-01-08 22:15:13

Smart Phone


For the past three months I have been telling folks to wait until after the first of the year if they need a new Smartphone. Well it's the first of the year and things are starting to become clear. The industry wants us to start using a new phrase to define the new breed of Smartphones they want us to call them "Super Phones". Not sure if that will stick but until I finish this article that is what I will call them.
So after visiting all my favorite geek sites that cover Smartphones this is what I have put together. There are four phones that fall into the Super Phone category IPhone 3G, Palm Pre, Nexus One and the Droid. If you're current phone doesn't make the list remember this is just a research article based on reading geek sites NOT the opinion of the writer.
So which one of these is best? None of them are best for everyone only you can decide which one provides you the tools you need. I also want to get past something here the price. If you are a true Smartphone user taking advantage of 50 to 75% of the phone's features there is no other electronic device that affects your life more then your phone. So forget price and look at how this device can improve your life, increase your productivity, keep you organized and for many provide a source of relaxation with music, games, web surfing and reading.
For many of you the first question is does it open my lockboxes currently no heard rumors but nothing at this time. Does my contact management system work on the new phones for anybody using Outlook you will be fine if using something else could be problem. There is a great program coming out for Customer Relationship Management that will work with Outlook and all web enabled phones but can't talk about it yet.
Okay let's get into the phones start with the IPhone if you have AT&T and live in one of their 3G areas it wins! Being able to talk and surf the web get emails while having a conversation makes this phone the best tool out there. Having 127,600 applications doesn't really impress me because we normally use 5 or 10 to run our business and life. I do not see the IPhone on any other networks in the near future. Is it worth switching from your carrier, no?
The Palm Pre and Pixi currently with Sprint but announced yesterday coming to Verizon on January 25th and AT&T has said according to geek sites they will be offering 2 Palm products shortly wonder which two? Anyway nice device love the keyboard the biggest feature it has the IPhone doesn't have is multitasking which means having many apps open at the same time. Smallest of the Super Phones if that's important to you.
The Droid which operates on Verizon's network is a probably not happy today. More about that later anyway love the keyboard lacks multi touch screen so not the best tool to show people a picture or information from a website. Multitasking on the Droid does work which gives it a thumbs up. Of the 4 Super phones the best screen! Now how Google has thrown the Droid under the bus, the new Google phone has 2.1 operating system making some needed changes to the software that the Droid has because it's running the 2.0 system. Gee a phone released a mere 2 months ago already outdated.
The Nexus One (Google Phone) seen as the IPhone killer the jury is still out on that statement. I have not had one in my hands yet so based on people in the business that I trust "they like it". Now that statement alone speaks volumes big difference between like and love. The Nexus does multitask which in case you haven't figured out I think is on the very top of the list of features. It is more customizable then other Super phones but not sure the average user cares. I could fill pages of benefits and features for all these phones but this one might have a slight edge. Currently Nexus One is only on the T-Mobile network and expected to be available in the spring on Verizon. You can purchase an unlocked unit and work on AT&T because of the sim card.
So here we go again the same question I get thousands of times all over North America what is the best phone? There isn't one! Just like there is not a best carrier because of where you live and work. We all need to look at how we do business run our life and select a device that benefits us. Don't get caught up on yours is better then mine it doesn't matter. Here's a link for a great comparison chart that spells out some very basic questions about the 4 Super Phones;
In closing don't let your lockboxes or contact management program make you buy a dumber phone. Buy a phone that helps you in your business and personal life the most. If you feel the most important feature on your phone is opening lockboxes and operating an antiquated contact management system then go to eBay where they have brand new Palm Treos that work with all carriers.
Dick Betts

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