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2010-03-24 17:44:13

Six Ways to Use Video on Real Estate Websites


Videos.  They're the latest craze online.  The search engines are ranking them, people are watching them, and real estate websites are a perfect place for them.

Video Creation Resources

If you've been thinking about taking the plunge, here are some resources that can help.  First, you need a way to film the videos.   Take a look at using a Flip video for real estate applications
Second, you need a place to host the video.  You might want to consider hosting your real estate videos at if you don't have a host site of your own. 
Hosting at WellcomeMat comes in both free and paid flavors.  And, if you don't want to do your own videos, WellcomeMat gives you an excellent opportunity to find a local videographer.
Six Ways to Use Video on Your Real Estate Website
Once you've figured out how to produce a video, your next challenge is deciding what kind of a video to create.  Here are a half dozen topics to consider:
  1. Home Tours – Think about creating a personally-hosted video tour of your listings.  If you're wondering what the impact is of that type of tour, listen to this agent's experience.  Attracting listing clients can be a lot easier if you first WOW them with one of your other listing's video.
  2. Community Information - Think about what someone who is moving across town or across the country wants to know.  Any type of community information would be worthwhile in a video.  Think about neighborhoods, shopping areas, things to do, parks, recreational venues, restaurants, special events, and well, you get the idea.
  3. Schools - Especially if you're selling in a family-friendly area, a video showing schools in the neighborhoods you target would be a welcome show for parents and kids alike.
  4. Testimonials - If done properly, a video testimonial can be very effective.  Make sure that you choose clients who aren't camera shy and come up with a list of questions or topics you'd like them to address.  A rambling testimonial isn't going to help.  The rules for obtaining effective real estate testimonials apply to both written and video versions.
  5. About Me - Every agent has a page on their website that is intended to introduce them to website visitors.  The most effective ones focus on the benefits of the service provided rather than the person themselves.  Think how effectivea video would be to reinforce who you are and what your business can offer.  Are you nervous in front of a camera?  If so, you might want to set this video up as an "interview".  Even someone off camera asking questions can give you a safety net.
  6. Real Estate Tips - Here's just one example.  Let's say you're a Buyer Agent and you have a page on your website about Buyer Agency.  You can list out all the reasons why a home buyer should have their own representation.  But, with a video... you probably have a client who tried to go it without a buyer agent in the past.  Why not tape the two of you talking about potential pitfalls and reasons to have representation?  Not only can you bring home a very important point, but what better way is there to let your site visitors get to know you as a person?
Kathleen Allardyce is the founder of Getting It Write, Inc. The firm specializes in providing Web-Centric Real Estate Marketing services to agents and brokers – a one-stop service that establishes clients as true Internet professionals. Services include developing brands, logos and lead-generating websites. Visit her real estate marketing website, real estate marketing blog, and Point2 Agent real estate website.


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