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2007-10-16 09:33:00

Single Property Sites Launches SPS STUDIO Virtual Tour

Single Property Sites Inc. has announced SPS STUDIO™ which makes every property web site a dramatic and elegant virtual tour presentation with super-large images, dynamic SlideShow technology and a new slick user interface. SPS™ Clients will immediately benefit by seeing their listings presented with smooth-flow navigation, slick pop-up interactive screens and property images up to 1,000 pixels wide, all designed to help real estate agents impress and win more sellers, and get listings sold by exciting the interest of buyers.

All existing client property web sites now utilize SPS STUDIO. Existing customers can easily replace smaller photos on current sites, with new high-resolution images using the new FAST FOTO™ Replacement system, which provides a Wizard to upload multiple mega-pixel images as replacements, all in a few seconds.

With the launch of SPS STUDIO, Single Property Sites now offers real estate listing agents the industry's most comprehensive listing marketing tool, all in a single easy-to-use system. Agents can upload unlimited high resolution images and also use special unbranded links to utilize their property site with their MLS as the virtual tour link for the property.

Reaction  from Clients has been very positive. "Single Property Sites has become an invaluable listing tool", said Tupper Briggs, RE/MAX ALLIANCE, (see a listing at "The new features provided by STUDIO are helping us engage Buyers and impress our sellers. The whole team now use SPS."

“For as low as $5 per listing per month, Single Property Sites is now the premium option for showcasing every one of your listings”, says Paul Eastwood, President of Single Property Sites Inc. “The new STUDIO presentation of Listings, with super-large high-resolution images means Single Property Sites now exceeds the expectations many agents have for a Virtual Tour service. Single Property Sites gives Real Estate professionals a single solution for elegant virtual tours combined as part of an extensive web site dedicated to the seller's property."

See a sample SPS STUDIO property web site at

About Single Property Sites Inc.

Single Property Sites is a Wizard based system that allows Agents to create a beautiful web site dedicated to a single listing in just a few minutes. Subscription levels are as low as $5 per listing per month. REALTORS can create property web sites for free for their pre-listing marketing.
Single Property Sites Inc is an independent company that provides innovative listing tools and marketing solutions for the real estate community.

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