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2009-06-17 16:44:17

Single Property Sites Awarded CRS Quality Tested Seal of Approval


Single Property Sites (SPS), a real estate marketing solutions company, is announcing the company's receipt of a new Quality Tested and Approved Vendor status from the Council of Residential Specialists (CRS).
The Council of Residential Specialists (CRS) is a group of more than 37,000 top REALTORS across the United States. As a Quality Tested and Approved Vendor, SPS has earned the top recommendation by this powerful group of Real Estate Agents.
SPS president Paul Eastwood said the recognition from the Council is validation of the work spent developing Single Property Sites as an easy-to-use listings marketing system for Real Estate professionals

Joe Prunty, CRS Regional Vice President and Chair of the CRS Product Review Board said,  "We are pleased to have awarded Single Property Sites the CRS Quality Tested Seal of Approval.  Single Property Sites is a well-designed service that addresses the marketing needs of CRS members.  Not only is SPS very easy to use, but it also delivers significant value to Realtors that need an easy and effective way to market their listings and differentiate their services."

The CRS has a comprehensive review process a vendor must undergo before earning the designation of Approved Vendor. Several technical committees test the product exhaustively and real Agents test its viability and usefulness in their business. Only the select products that pass these exacting tests receive the CRS's coveted Seal of Approval.

"The CRS only recommends the very best for their members," Eastwood said. "The goal of SPS has always been to give every Agent, regardless of technical knowledge, access to the most powerful technologies for marketing their listings - but to do this through Wizards and intuitive screens, that are friendly and make it easy for anyone. Our biggest area of feedback from our clients is the ease-of-use of SPS. We are proud to receive the CRS Board's stamp of approval."

Paul Eastwood said he will work to make sure SPS earns the continued approval from the CRS.
"We're constantly adding and augmenting features within the SPS platform to make it more simple and more powerful for Realtors," Eastwood said. "Just in the past few months, we've added automated craigslist posts, Facebook flyers and more easy to use widgets, making it easier than ever for Realtors to reach as many people as possible with their listing information. We want the CRS to know we're working to help their agents reach new markets with minimal effort."
To learn more about SPS' approval from the Council of Residential Specialists, go to
SPS gives REALTORS the real estate marketing tools they need to dominate their market and never lose a listing. With a free account from SPS, agents are able to quickly and easily win a listing and market online. To view a sample Single Property Site, go to . To learn more, go to  http://www.singlepropertysites.com
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