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2007-12-17 22:46:00

Single-Property Site Has Embedded MLS Search

RealBird embeds multiple listing service search in single-property web site.RealBird, a leading provider of Internet marketing tools for the real estate industry, announces the release of a new version of its RealBird Listing Publisher™, an innovative, fully web-based product to help REALTORS market their listings and generate leads. With this new product, agents and brokers can increase their lead generation efficacy by embedding their branded MLS (multiple listing service) search tools directly in every published single-property web site which are syndicated to more than 10 classifieds portals. Compared to "traditional" single property web site marketing tools, this increases customer response by a very significant factor.

The Growing Importance of Effective Property Web Sites for Lead Generation

The downturn in the real estate market has forced agents to beef up their marketing services to be competitive. With the new RealBird Listing Publisher, agents can now create dedicated property web sites for every listing within minutes and for completely free. Other property web site solutions cost up to $99/year for a single listing. This made it cost prohibitive for a listing agent to commit to creating a property website for every listing. Even if the agent has no active listings at the moment, s/he can publish Sold listings just to get exposure for their active MLS Search and create link-backs to his or her web site. The RealBird Listing Publisher also enables agents to create draft presentations for listing interviews. Using such advanced online listing marketing techniques, agents can greatly improve their chance of winning listing interviews.

With the RealBird Listing Publisher agents can create stand-alone web sites with maps, photos, slideshows, videos, external virtual tours and any other information pertaining to the property and its community. These single property web sites work because they are syndicated to major classifieds portals, the very places where homebuyers are searching.

However, until now, the efficacy of converting lookers into leads has still been relatively low because homebuyers, while browsing classifieds portals, will most likely quickly click away from any one listing that does not match exactly their expectation.

The novel feature in the RealBird product is the ability to embed in Single Property Publisher web sites the agent's MLS interactive map search. Exposing the MLS search where and when homebuyers are searching effectively makes the agent's branded MLS search accessible through multiple web sites (even after the published listings are sold!), instead of just on their own web site. To illustrate, please go to and click on the Map Search tab.

Rona Arjomand, a San Francisco Bay Area REALTOR(r) (specialized in mid Peninsula real estate) and one of the first users of the new Listing Publisher noted: "I posted a listing with the RealBird Listing Publisher and within days my traffic increased significantly. I got several leads within the first weeks and the property is now in contract in less than a months of being listed. Without this product I would have had to spend several hundreds of dollars to market the listing and to get the same exposure"

About RealBird

RealBird's services include listing marketing and lead generation tools uniquely tailored to the needs of the residential and commercial real estate industry. The RealBird Listing Publisher provides a free, next generation Property Website builder with syndication to third-party classified sites and advance presentation tools. The RealBird Map-based Search service couples the traditional, form-based MLS search with the ability to browse listings on a street or aerial map.

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