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2010-05-17 16:26:26

10 Simple Steps to Make Your Home More Sellable

Presentation is everything. Make a good impression on Buyers by taking these 10 simple steps!
1.    Get Rid of Clutter! You want Buyers to be able to see the space your home has to offer and to picture how they themselves could potentially live in and use the space. You'll want to make this possible for them by throwing out or filing away old stacks of newspapers and magazines, packing away most of your small decorative items, and storing out-of-season clothing to make your closets appear roomier. Make sure your rooms don't have too much furniture! An overcrowded room makes the room seem smaller and less inviting.
2.    Wash Windows and Screens. You want your home to be light and airy. Make sure you wash your windows and screens, and use more lightweight curtains to let in as much light as possible.
3.    Keep Everything Extra Clean. A clean house tells the Buyer that the home has been well-cared for. It also gives the Buyer a good first impression. Mop and wax floors. Clean the appliances. Even clean fingerprints off of the light switch plates. Do everything you can to make sure the home is extra clean to attract Buyers.
4.    Get Rid of Smells. You don't want to turn any Buyers off with offensive odors in the home! Be sure to clean the carpeting, upholstery, and drapes to eliminate any odors, pet smells, and smoke. Ventilate the home by opening a window or two to let in some fresh air. Set out potpourri, lightly scented candles, or fresh baked goods for a nice homey smell.
5.    Replace Light Bulbs with Higher Wattage Bulbs. To make the rooms seem brighter, especially basements or any other dark rooms, use higher wattage light bulbs. Make sure to replace any light bulbs that are burnt out.
6.    Make Minor Repairs. Even minor problems can make a bad impression. Sticky doors, cracked caulking, torn screens, or leaky faucets all seem trivial, but they'll give Buyers the impression that the house isn't well-maintained.
7.    Tidy Your Yard. Nice curb appeal is important! Cut the grass, rake the leaves, trim the bushes and edge the walks. Put a pot or two of brightly colored flowers near the entryway.
8.    Patch Holes In the Driveway and Re-Apply Sealant (if applicable).
9.    Clean Your Gutters.
10. Polish Front Doorknob and House Numbers. This will make a nice first impression! Instead of polishing the house numbers, maybe update them for a new, fresh look.
To sell your home online and to take advantage of other tools and tips, visit the website at
We hope you found these 10 Simple Steps helpful! Why not try them out and see if they make a difference!

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