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2010-06-06 17:37:26

Severe Weather Alert In Paradise

It’s a gorgeous Sunday in Paradise, California. The sun shines down through a light cloud smatter and the temperature will reach 80 a bit later. So many folks have downed their coffee and bagels, and are out and about.
For those who seek a new home — some may scour the Internet for open houses, while others simply drive through neighborhoods. A few of these folks are accompanied by Realtors® and a lot more are not.
Much of my life was spent as the owner and operator of some very successful eateries in the beautiful Monterey/Carmel area. While the locals would relax and enjoy my food, I’d be toiling away to make sure it remained top notch. Their leisure time became my work shift. To survive in that business, I had to “show up” when they did. My personal lunch hour became 3 P.M. and dinner was usually eaten after 10 P.M.
It was the nature of the beast and my chosen field.
For those Realtors® who choose to enjoy a beautiful day like this on a boat or hiking in the park, I have no qualms. I hope it is a great weekend for you. On the other hand, there are savvy agents, wise enough to know that homebuyers are out and about this day. Some of them may be your own customers — likely the same ones who did not get the opportunity to sign a Buyer/Broker agreement.
Right now, they may be buzzing towards the sticky net of a much wiser Realtor® who is out in the field and running an Open House — or who makes herself available to work on these “buyer rich” days.
Just saying…   

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