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2007-02-02 11:30:00

Sellsius Blog -- RealTown Blog of the Day

Sellsius Blog
Joseph G. Ferrara and Rudolph D. Bachraty III
New York City

Did Rudy from Sellsius catch this one? Rudy is the king of the bloggy paparazzi!!!

Joe and Rudy tell me they cherish the inspiration and encouragement they received from The Property Grunt when they started blogging. They're returning the favor to other newbies with a special brand of online community and sharing.

"The only thing we can say about blogging that we haven't said before is be passsionate, be yourself, and try to have some fun.  The blogging community is a sharing community.  Just reach out and someone will take your hand.  Our door is always open,"  says Joe Ferrara.

I have no more words ABOUT the Sellsius blog that will keep you from going there ... enjoy your Sellsius experience NOW with some of the all-time Sellsius favorites.

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