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2011-04-24 16:34:23

7 Selling Tips To Get The Most Money For Your Home

 1. Photos Of Your Home Must Be The Very Best

Buyers and agents decide if they are going to look at a home based on the photos that they see online. Nine out of ten home buyers search for homes on the Internet. When the photos are not good the buyers don’t show up.   

The more good photos they see online the better.  On average, a minimum of 21 photos of your home will generate 4 times more leads than 6-10 photos. 

The best photos are those taken with a Digital SLR Camera, Ultra Wide-angle lens, and enhanced with special photographic software by someone who really knows how to photograph a home. 

2. Remove Your Personal Photos

I know your kids or grand kids are cute, but buyers need to see themselves living in the home and that does not happen when they see photos of “your” family throughout the home. 

3. Best to Keep Your Favorite Sports Teams and Religious Affiliations To Yourself.

We know you are a true fan of your favorite sports team, but don’t display their memorabilia in your home. Fans of an opposing team may reject your home immediately if they see reminders of the team they like to hate. Likewise, displaying religious art and objects will brand your home as being fit only for someone with those same beliefs. You do not want to limit your market. 

4. Remove The Clutter

Clutter detracts from a home, cheapens it, and is a turnoff to buyers. You are going to need to pack up or throw away all that “stuff” anyway when you move, so do it now. You would “detail” your car to get a better price if you wanted to sell it, why not “detail” you home? 

5. Your Political Statements Can Cost You.

Keep you political leanings and statements out of view. This includes books in your bookcase. You don’t know what the buyer’s politics are, so remove anything that hints of an opinion. A buyer’s money is neither conservative nor liberal.

6. You Love Your Cat; You Love Your Dog, Best To Send Them Away.

We love our pets, but they may limit how quickly a home can be sold and for how much. Barking dogs scare or annoy many buyers making them want to leave as quickly as possible. Cats especially can be bad for resale. Many buyers are allergic and the pet odors will drive them away.  Nothing can kill the equity in your home as much as unpleasant odors. 

7. Learn To Love Light and Bright

When your home is shown, open the blinds and window treatment all the way and turn on all the lights. A bright house appears larger and more inviting. 

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