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2007-03-14 17:51:00

'Seattle Condos and Lofts' is the Blog of the Day

Seattle Condos and Lofts
Ben Kakimoto, Jayson Cantu, and Craig Allegro
Seattle, WA
Reviewed by: Mary Pope Handy

A great example of niche marketing, good design and layout, concise writing and collaboration within the real estate industry, Seattle Condos and Lofts is packed with things worth emulating for those of us in the field of real estate.  Even more, it offers a great deal of useful content which is of tremendous value to those who own, or would like to own, condos and lofts anywhere in Seattle. It constitutes a true community resource.

At first glance,  Seattle Condos and Lofts  looks like a typical weblog, only more pleasing to the eye than most: it bears a classy looking banner at the top and two main columns -– the left side is about 2/3 of the page and contains the comments of the day. The right column is thinner, with a pale gray background and has navigational information and many links.  Above the banner, there are helpful tabs (like on a file folder) with links to items of general interest. (home, about community news, and contact).  The look is streamlined and simple. It is easy to find whatever it is you happen to be seeking.

Clicking on the tabs above the banner, I expected the “about” column to showcase a single agent and have a host of information about him or her. Instead, I discovered that this is a team blog -– and that it is the efforts of three gents in two different brokerages. It looks as though Ben Kakimoto has written most or all of the posts, so I presume his teammates on this venture are helping with ideas, layout, listings, and more behind the scenes type of assistance. So the first really unique thing about this blog is not the appearance, but the fact that it’s a collaborative product between agents in competing brokerages. 

Seattle Condos and Lofts  (or SCL, as they refer to it in the blog) is the epitome of niche marketing done well. Folks interested in condo or loft living will find it easy to search for them at this site, view showcased listings, get a list of condos, find condos by area, learn about conversions, upcoming projects, and on and on. Additionally there are snippets of related information (for instance, a movie is being filmed at a condo in the Queen Anne Hill area – with information dangled about interested people getting into the cast as extras). There is a tremendous level of comprehension and depth that covers the condo and loft market thoroughly, but would appeal to others as well.

Finally, Seattle Condos and Lofts  is a weblog with good writing. A great deal of information is conveyed in short, easy to follow clips. Readers won’t find their time wasted here.

For consumers and residents in the Seattle area, SCL is a wonderful resource that’s probably worth checking every few days. For those of us in the real estate profession, it’s a great example of realty blogging at its best. I haven’t spoken to these three REALTORS about their site, but it would surprise me if it didn’t bring them all a lot of business. 

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