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s bottom moves

i's eyes inside, evening dresses often have red light flicker,evening dresses unspeakable Hai person. The "is, maidservant this goes, " little lotus Han trembles to say.Then take to come up a pot of wine not and in a short while,evening dress two cups.Tremble to begin to pour for Tang Yi up, then then fold hands but sign. Tang Yi starts to carry wine cup and mercilessly quaffs in one gulps.Little lotus hurriedly again from add full,cheap evening dresses Tang Yi again is quaff in one gulp.So, don't know how much pot wine after, Tang Yi is already eyes drowsy from drink,prom dresses can not distinguish a southeast northwest. Tang Yi of"meeting why so, why, ,cocktail dresses sweet son, you are over there,evening dresses you are over there, ,dresses wedding dresses ""I should seek yours earlier, you exactly over there, " is often mumbling to oneself.One cup one the going toward of cup pour wine in mouth. The little lotus looking at Tang Yi, often wrinkly eyebrows, seem desire speech again of appearance.Waited in a short while, really cannot helped but, saying of then small voice:"Young master, you can not drink again, , " The Tang Yi absentminded raises head and looks, "sweet son" doesn't know when appear at own in front is smiling to looking at oneself.Tang Yi immediately and then feels a hot and dry rise from the stomach, an once pulled "sweet son" to mercilessly embrace in the bosom.The mouth inside lightly shouts:"The leave opens me, the leave opens me, , " #7#7# but at this time the little lotus is cold don't defend a quilt of Tang Yi Yi's feeling embrace to whole body immediately and then be surrounded by a hot and dry, a blast of hot air back and forth curls up in own ear, the Jiao Qu woulds be a to shake, body involuntarily of the Han tremble.1 kind hopes earnestly from rise in the heart, #Hand#machine#Tang Yi feel"sweet son" body in the bosom ascend more and more hot, the corner of mouth would is a to smile.Then a start to embrace"sweet son" to walk in the house. Arrive at building in, lightly of put"sweet son" on the bed, then then kiss toward the jade lips.The hands bottom moves

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