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2007-08-17 15:20:00

RMLS Recertified Through REALTOR Secure Program

RMLS is the MLS for the Portland, Ore., metropolitan area and nine other counties in Oregon and Washington. RMLS provides a comprehensive searchable database for real estate, including a members-only site, a consumer database of homes, and member contact information. The MLS was first certified REALTOR® Secure in 2005.

“REALTORS® advance technology, and as part of that process, we take the security of real estate and consumer information very seriously,” said NAR President Pat V. Combs, from Grand Rapids, MI, and vice president of Coldwell Banker-AJS-Schmidt. “RMLS’s recertification through the REALTOR® Secure program demonstrates their continued commitment to addressing the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information available on their site.”

The REALTOR® Secure Certification program is based on security standards from the International Organization for Standardization and the National Institute of Standards and Technology and is awarded following a three-step certification process. The process includes a security self-review, independent third-party evaluation and final CRT approval and certification. Following certification, participants may display the REALTOR® Secure logo on their organization’s Web site.

“REALTOR® Secure employs security industry best standards, which makes recertification important since new requirements and standards are often phased into the program,” said Mark Lesswing, chief technology officer and senior vice president of NAR. “RMLS’s REALTOR® Secure recertification ensures that their organization’s security practices meet the most current standards, helping improve member and consumer confidence in their services.”

For additional information on the REALTOR® Secure Certification program, visit

NAR’s CRT was established to provide technology leadership, guidance and assistance for its members.  CRT makes available informed industry insight, research and open-source applications through its mission of implementation, advocacy and information.

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