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2007-01-31 11:04:00

'Ripping the Roof Off Real Estate'

Ripping the Roof Off Real Estate By Mollie Wasserman

Ripping the Roof Off Real Estate“This book gives a consumer a clear picture of their options in today's market. They'll understand how to maximize their net by asking for the services that fit their needs and understanding how it all works. Wasserman does a great job at demystifying the options and advantages of each, so a consumer can make an intelligent choice. A wise real estate agent would give this book to every consumer they meet! Today's consumers want and need education. Today's agents must be tailoring their offerings to the changing marketplace if they want to stay competitive. In real estate, an agent isn't a commodity, one size does not fit all, and value is what it is all about. Wasserman nails these concepts in this book! The times, they are a changing!” – Joeann Fossland, " Master Certified Real Estate Coach, International Speaker, Certified e-PRO Trainer

“For real estate professionals who are defending their commissions against the government, consumer groups, and third-parties that want to change the industry while making consumers take on more work and liability, and for consumers who no longer know who or what to believe, Ripping the Roof off Real Estate spotlights the real estate issues that affect each of us.” – Blanche Evans, editor, Realty Times, author, Bubbles, Booms, and Busts: Make Money in Any Real Estate Market, and sought-after industry speaker on sales commissions, real estate politics, and other real estate industry issues. 

“Mollie knows the real estate business point-blank. By sheer focus on consulting with clients rather than selling to clients, she operates at the highest fiduciary level consulting, advising, negotiating, and troubleshooting.” –Gary Keller, bestselling author The Millionaire Real Estate Agent and The Millionaire Real Estate Investor.

“Occasionally a book comes along that is singular in its achievement of creating possibilities. This must-read book does that, by detailing to real estate professionals how they will earn greater financial, economic, and business rewards by giving the real estate-buying consumers what they’ve wanted for years: choices on how to pay, without fumbling with discounters.” – Allen F. Hainge, founder, The Allen F. Hainge CyberStars®

"In my thirty years in the real estate industry, no one has ever presented any viable alternatives to the traditional commission system, and it has always been a hotly debated subject. This book is not only a great read, but it contains brilliant ideas that every homebuyer, seller, and real estate professional should use to meet their individual needs. Everyone who reads this book will agree.” – Kerry D. Bodily, author, Untold Secrets of How Your Real Estate Market Really Works

“A 'must read' for all forward-looking agents! Ripping the Roof off Real Estate will captivate those whose ethics and professionalism rank high on their list of "most important" things that define how they are perceived and how they do their business. Mollie has set forth a truly unique consumer-oriented perspective on how real estate can be done successfully and very well may be done in the future. For those who embrace the concept that the "only thing we can count on is change," this refreshing look at the possibilities for the future will excite many and undoubtedly provoke serious thought in the rank and file of Realtors® today! –- Allyson Hoffman ABR, CRP, CRS, CyberStar, CyberPro, e-PRO, GRI, RECS

“This timely book is exactly where real estate should be right now. Ripping the Roof Off Real Estate breaks open the box that holds the untouchable and the unmentionable of a compensation structure that is flawed on many sides – while at the same time Wasserman offers thoughtful solutions. The result is an approach that can be a clear-eyed win-win for both professionals and consumers alike.” – Dan Gooder Richard, president, Gooder Group, author, REAL ESTATE RAINMAKER®: Successful Strategies for Real Estate Marketing and REAL ESTATE RAINMAKER® Guide To Online Marketing.

“A compelling read. Mollie paints a clear picture of what our business is like and has done a great job of describing exactly why we are paid the way we are in terms of the risk/reward nature of the relationship between the client and ourselves…she offers an alternative (not discounting) method of compensation, not to replace what we currently do, but to supplement it; to offer choices to the consumer in a way that makes sense for everyone.” -– Angus Woodbury, ABR, CRS, CyberStar, CyberPro, e-PRO

“An ideal book, Mollie's style is very down-to-earth; she makes the entire subject of real estate more approachable for the average consumer. Overall, a very enjoyable and quick read that exposes a number of hidden aspects of real estate that serve as excellent guideposts for everyday homeowners and investors alike. This book is a ripping good reference that consistently reminds you how important a complete working knowledge of real estate is if you want to be a successful homebuyer or seller. Mollie explains in no uncertain terms how valuable a good real estate professional can be - no rational person could read this and ignore her insightful advice.” – Bill French, Co-Founder, MyST Technology Partners.

“Every real estate professional, every home seller, every home buyer should read this book!  Mollie Wasserman uses her wealth of experience to help you understand the fast changing world of real estate. She explains clearly why a new way of thinking about real estate services is essential to getting the best value. It's all about choices, and in this valuable book, Wasserman is your guide to making the right choices for you and your family.”  – Margaret Rome, GRI, CRS, e-PRO, CyberStar, CyberPro, ABR, RECS, PMN, RRC, multi-award winning REALTOR 

"A keeper! The chapters on promised service, cost of services, why discount commissions are no bargain, and the potholes where consumers lose most of their money, are worth the price of the book." – Jerry Rossi, e-PRO trainer

"Finally, an insightful real estate book! The description of breaking down the commissions for the consumer makes sense when compared to discount brokerages. This book has given me some great fuel for my clients and I recommend this book to any Realtor® as a must read!" -- Jo-Ann McLellan, Canada - The Online Realtor

“Frank and refreshing, Mollie advocates nothing more than for consumers and industry participants alike to simply recognize the need for the economic fundamentals of this industry to keep pace with other very large industries and evolve to create a more valuable and trusting bond between consumers and Realtors.” – J.L. Winn, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, VisualTour

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