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2008-01-17 15:51:00 Publishes Top 10 States Surfed For Real Estate, The Site Engine(sm), has published the Top 10 States Surfed For Real Estate in the second half of 2007. "Big states top the list again. There are some surprises as usual," comments Heath Coker, REindex site manager (pronounced: Are-ee-Index). This list is published to assist real estate hobbyists, serious investors, and licensees. Unlike reports of sales or permit applications, this report reflects where people are searching for real estate. It indicates where the next moves may be.

The states with the most real estate searches in the last half of 2007 were:

  1. Massachusetts
  2. Florida
  3. Texas
  4. New York
  5. California
  6. Illinois
  7. Pennsylvania
  8. Missouri
  9. Minnesota
  10. Alabama

The REindex Top Ten Report is not an indicator of a positive or negative real estate market for any state, but it is an indicator of Internet search interest. "Missouri and Alabama are surprises in the list this time," notes Coker. "When you understand the economic development going on around Mobile, the Alabama inclusion makes sense. Missouri takes a little more research."

A variation of the Top Ten Report, is the report that has been weighted for the size of each state. "Large states are usually on the Top Ten Report list because there is a larger probability for those states to capture searches," comments Coker. "When we adjust the report for the size of each state, we have an even more interesting list than the Top Ten Report indicates." This adjusted report is only available by request from REindex. That report is even more helpful to investors for researching pro-active areas of the country. Connecticut, Delaware, and Hawaii are three states near the top of the Adjusted Top Ten Report.

The Top Ten States Surfed report is a useful tool for real estate searchers at any level of interest. The Adjusted Top Ten Report is most useful for investors and lenders looking to know where the next wave of growth may be. Both reports are produced semi-annually by, The Site Engine(sm).

Surfers on REindex find real estate web pages exactly where the property is located, because humans at REindex only place links to real estate web sites that have listings in that town. Humans at REindex scour the Internet for useful real estate web sites. The actual listings of the agent or company determine in what towns a link will be found on REindex. Only web sites that are approved for relevance and usefulness by a human are linked.

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