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2010-07-30 20:54:50

Reasons to Use a Realtor to Help you Purchase a Home

Reasons to Use a Realtor to Help you Purchase a Home:
1.      Purchasing a home may be one of the largest financial transactions that you may undertake. You do not want to lose money learning the home buying process. A Realtor that acts as your Buyer’s Agent can make the home buying process a seamless transaction.
2.      When a Realtor represents you as a Buyer Agent, they are working exclusively for you. Typically, the seller pays the Buyer’s Agent, so the expertise that you receive from a Buyer’s Agent is virtually free.
3.      Realtors will guide you to the best lenders to get you preapproved, so you know the price range of homes you are qualified to see. Your agent will also stay on top of the lender to make sure there are no issues in getting you to settlement.
4.      Realtors are a great asset in helping with your home search. Realtors have access to all of the properties that are advertised with other realtors through our Multiple Listing Service (MLS). We will provide you with new homes as they come on the market, as well as price reductions of homes. Realtors will also get tips when homes will be coming on the market.
5.      Realtors will give you a market evaluation of the homes that you are interested in purchasing, so you will know a fair market price of your new home. They will provide you with current home sale prices, and the price the current owners paid for this home. This information will allow you to be the most educated when you submit your offer.
6.      Realtors provide a buffer between the buyer and seller. This helps avoid any heated discussions that would avoid bringing your home to settlement.
7.      Realtor will help provide you with a due diligence period where you can perform all of your inspections, such as home , termite inspections, radon, water, septic, survey, etc. This due diligence time can also be used by you to make sure you are fully qualified for the mortgage.
8.      Realtors are experts when it comes to negotiating your home. The home buying process deals with a lot of negotiating. Your buyer’s agent will help you through this process, and save you money. Some of the typical items that are negotiated in most real estate transactions include: sales price, settlement date, inspection contingency items, escrow money, mortgage approvals and commitment dates, etc.
9.      Realtors can guide you to the best home inspectors, so that you have a thorough home inspection. We want you to be knowledgeable about the home you buy.

Pat Egan is the Broker and Owner of Egan Real Estate in Ardmore, Pennsylvania.  Pat has been investing in real estate since 1993. He grew up in construction, and has a good basic understanding of what is needed to make a  property work as an investment. Pat has a degree in Electrical Engineering, which he practiced for 6 years. Pat has been helping people buy and sell real estate since 2003. His engineering background helps when analyzing properties for his clients. Please feel free to contact Pat with any questions at


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