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2010-12-23 06:47:28

Reason why choose a tungsten wedding rings

If you have decided to buy a tungsten ringsas your choice of wedding ring, you should know first what type of ring is right for you. The types of tungsten wedding rings would depend on the design style and the color of the rings.

The tungsten carbide polished ring is the original and most common style of tungsten wedding rings. Most of the rings of this type feature a high mirror like shine and may have a simple yet elegant design. The second most common type is the metal inlay. The most popular metal inlays are gold, silver and platinum and feature domed and flat styles with different edges.

The studded tungsten wedding ring is the third type of tungsten wedding rings. The studded type is studded or embedded with small pieces of precious stones or gems such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, etc. The faceted tungsten wedding ring is the most attractive type because of its gem-like looks while the brushed tungsten ring has a unique look that makes it appealing for the man that loves to be different.

The trendiest style of tungsten wedding rings are the black tungsten rings. Young couples who do not want to stick to the traditional styles would usually prefer this type of tungsten wedding ring because of its edgy and rebellious look. There are several styles of black tungsten rings and the most popular style is the flat ring that is made with a special comfort fit for the fingers. The other popular style of black tungsten ringsis domed which also features a comfort fit.

Whatever style of tungsten wedding ringsyou might choose, your lifelong bond will last forever in tungsten as it known for its durability, scratch resistant and incredible high shine that lasts eternally. You may even have your rings forever engraved with a message of your love.

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