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2010-01-06 19:22:10

RealTown versus Active Rain


Check this out. RealTown traffic is more than twice as good as ActiveRain!
You know, you would think that Active Rain with over 1,000,000 Realtors blogging would have won this comparison, but look at my Google Analytics this morning shows:

Several reasons why this is amazing:
  • Take a good look at the bounce rate! Our overall site average of 61%, 53.4% for referral is the lowest we have ever seen anywhere: BUT LOOK AT REALTOWN: 36.88%
  • AR is not even 2,3,or 4!
  • Bounce Rate on AR is higher
  • Real town referred over 2 times as many in spite of the fact that my group on AR has nearly 800 members!
I have been watching this in Awe for some time, analyzing it. I know why we have a very low bounce rate, it is because of the quality of our content: but this begs the question: why does beat out (where I am in groups with thousands of members). With AR so much bigger (supposedly) why is so much more effective?
These are my thoughts:
  • There is very little duplicate content on, because it is not automated to encourage duplicate content, as AR is (partly due to our advice a couple of years ago)
  • I post both places, but look at who comes up on this very competitive search: social media market testing Google search click here
  • Organic traffic is better than spam because people actually find what they are looking for
  • With higher quality content, and less incentive for duplicate spam to earn points, less blogger burnout occurs, and people actually read in addition to posting because there is not duplicate garbage all over the place
Of course, the other point I would add is that referred traffic is the best source for conversion: here are the overall numbers, not as strong:
Our overall numbers are very strong for the same reasons that is our highest referring site: the quality of the content: your thoughts?
Oh yea, please provide your opinion here too:
Israel Rothman is a well known speaker and author on the topic of intentional online reputation management: learn more at or in his Social Media Marketing Tips group here at Realtown Groups. 

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