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2010-06-30 16:24:46

RealTown's FIRST Newsletter


June 2010
Volume 1: Issue 1

Welcome to the Inaugural Edition of the NEW Monthly RealTown Newsletter!

With this first issue we are pleased to announce a few of our new features, as well as some user tips which will help you maximize your use of RealTown. If you have any suggestions about the type of content you’d like to see from our Monthly Newsletter, please send us your suggestions at We would love to hear from you.

RealTown is your one-stop resource for all of your real estate needs. Here you will find one of the most comprehensive and valuable resources available, a real estate portal with concentration on Content, Context, Collaboration, and Community. Over the years, real estate professionals have contributed nearly 1 million posts to the RealTalk Community as well as a ton of content in our other Groups, Communities, Blogs, and Articles.  To help you manage all this content, we have added a new and improved
search bar provided by Google. Just take a look at some of the content we’ve gathered on Short Sales, and Smart Phones.

Get Published.

RealTown has just added a new “Article Submission” tool to our website. RealTown is always on the lookout for well-written, content-rich articles and columns to publish on our Articles section. Articles can be of any length, and are subject to editing. We recommend that authors complete their RealTown profile prior to submission. We currently have nearly 2,000 articles indexed in our library.
Click here
to submit an article or read through our Article Submission Guidelines.  



Invite Your Friends.

RealTown has just released a new "Invite" tool! It is now easier than ever to invite your friends/clients/associates to RealTown. You now have the option to send invites in bulk using your Address Book -- It currently works with AOL, Gmail, and Yahoo-- or any CSV file (from Outlook, Thunderbird, or any exportable address book you have). Once your address book is imported, you will have the ability to pick and choose who to send invites to. To invite people from your address book(s), click the Invite Friends link in the My RealTown menu (first link listed) on the right side of the screen. The on-screen instructions should walk you through the rest of the process. 

Get More (or Less) News from RealTown.

Did you know that you can customize the quantity and frequency of e-mails you get from RealTown? We now have a few different settings which will allow you to decide how many updates are sent to your inbox. Your options include “Digest”, “Individual/Immediate” and “None/Web Only”.

Digest means you will only receive about one or two e-mails daily from that Group or Community. Individual/Immediate means you will get one e-mail for every message posted in that Group or Community. And None/Web Only means that we won’t e-mail you anything from that Group or Community, but you are still subscribed, so you will have access to the Group or Community and all of its content online, via

Once you are logged into, your Community Subscriptions can be altered
here, and your Group Subscriptions can be changed here.


What do you know about Web 2.0?
Feeling lost in a sea of Social Networking sites? Not sure how the social media phenomenon fits into your life and your business?  If you are looking for a simple, straight-forward explanation and real-life examples from someone you can trust, it’s time to take a look at the new National Association of REALTORS® Web 2.0 & Social Media Course from the creators of e-PRO® -- the National Association of REALTORS® only Technology Certification Program.  ACT NOW before the introductory price goes up!



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