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2008-01-11 17:06:00

RealTown Alliance Fuels Social Networking with Robust Marketing

San Diego, Jan. 11, 2008 – The recent announcement of a new partnership between InternetCrusade® and RISMedia to power the RealTown® real estate portal offers an unprecedented opportunity for real estate agents and brokers to take advantage of an advanced Web 2.0 platform that is rich with social networking tools and historical content.

The alliance between the companies fuses the resources of two real estate industry leaders to develop a social network for real estate professionals and consumers that is rich with content and tools. The collaboration will provide members and subscribers of both RealTown® and RISMedia the opportunity to establish an online presence in an advanced social networking environment, create market-area expertise and credentials, access an expanding knowledge base of nearly 1 million posts and articles, tap powerful marketing tools, get free online coaching and mentoring, and become part of a powerful referral network.

RealTown® is one of the oldest and most respected communities in the real estate industry, with its development dating back to 1995. was the first real estate Internet portal to rely on multi-layered Citizen Journalism for the bulk of its content; and one of the first media portals to embrace Citizen Journalism from every vantage point, from content creation to content delivery.

The new platform offers real estate professionals the use of a powerful control panel that allows them to take total control of their Web 2.0 environment.

My RealTown Dashboard

Password-protected My RealTown page is at that heart of the RealTown experience.At the heart of the RealTown experience is the My RealTown Dashboard, featuring a host of Web 2.0 tools and a single point of control for real estate-related information:

  • Unlimited RSS feeds
  • Access to Single Sign On technology with a growing list of federated partners in the real estate industry
  • Ability to create  the most comprehensive Agent Profile in the industry, providing a vibrant level of search engine support to bolster agents’ and brokers’ online presence
  • A feature-rich tool bar for tracking, signatures, subscription information to various RealTown Communities
  • Access to the RealTown Blog Manager
  • RealTown member e-mail system and much more offering the user a single point of control for all of their real estate-related information.

Over the years, RealTown’s RealTalk listserv and other online communities have generated nearly 1 million posts and articles. The use of an e-mail based system allowed the free exchange of information for more than a decade. In 2006, the platform was expanded to allow the use of both e-mail and a web-based systems.® offers articles, blog posts, property search, and discussion threads from growing and diverse on-line communities, currently numbering more than 70,000 members.’s underlying design allows members the ability to easily add rich, up to the moment content to their RealTown blogs, Communities or web sites with a few easy steps (and in some instances automatically) so they can share content with other bloggers and other community members, and with the public.

RealTown members provide not only content, they contribute to shaping the design and functionality of the community and e-mail platforms themselves. New features are being developed to meet sophisticated user demands. Enhanced blog templates and a new, member-only Instant Messaging system will be released in the next few weeks. Soon members will be able to create their own communities (user created communities) for their personal interests. appeals to both consumers and real estate professionals, boasting a comprehensive library of materials and resources and access to multiple real estate and agent search tools, augmented with rating systems, allowing users to add information of value to all members.

“Combining the strengths of RISMedia and InternetCrusade is a natural,” said Saul Klein, CEO of InternetCrusade and also now the new CEO of Point2 Technologies. “RISMedia is a quality organization, well-respected throughout the industry. We could not be more pleased with this new relationship and believe the synergy between our two organizations will prove to be staggering.”

John Featherston, RISMedia President & CEO, agrees with Klein’s assessment of the significance of the affiliation.

“RealTown and InternetCrusade have long been leaders in guiding the real estate industry into the technology age,” said RISMedia President & CEO John Featherston.

InternetCrusade powers the real estate portal, the industry’s oldest and most-respected real estate network featuring a variety of online communities as well as a wealth of community-created content. Over the years, real estate professionals have made nearly 1 million posts to RealTalk and other public and private communities that are part of the RealTown network. InternetCrusade is also the exclusive technology and content provider for e-PRO, the Technology Certification Program of the National Association of REALTORS®.

RISMedia is a leader in providing industry news and business development strategies to hundreds of thousands of real estate professionals on a daily and monthly basis. InternetCrusade will now play a critical role in designing and powering RISMedia’s many technology initiatives.

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