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2007-11-19 22:17:00

REALTORS Partner With Belize Association

The National Assn. of REALTORS® has announced a joint reciprocal relationship with the Belize National Assn. of REALTORS®, the leading organization of real estate professionals in Belize. The partnership recognizes the growing importance of the Belize economy, both in the Central American region and as a magnet for international investors.

“REALTORS® add value to the real estate transaction, both domestically and, increasingly, internationally, and we are happy to be able to announce this partnership with Belize’s leading real estate organization,” said NAR President Dick Gaylord from Long Beach, CA. “Because of its strategic location, dynamic free market economy and vibrant trade, Belize is poised for even greater growth in the future. Belize is already a key member of the Central American region, and as in-country investments of all kinds increase, it will be important for overseas investors to have access to best practices in real estate transactions.”

Belize is a former British colony located in the heart of the Caribbean basin. Its economy is based on agriculture, manufacturing and services. The country has experienced consistent, steady growth in its gross domestic product for the past three decades.

An International Living magazine survey recently placed Belize among the top retirement havens worldwide. Foreign citizens can apply for classification in a special category for retired persons from outside the country, which provides relief from local taxes on income and import of household goods. Such retirement benefits add to the appeal of a lower cost of living, tropical climate and close proximity to the United States.

The Belize National Assn.of REALTORS®, based in Belize City, was chartered in 2004 and is incorporated as a nonprofit organization. The association has 150 agent members, representing 60 percent of the country’s real estate professionals.

“With English as our official language, and a legal system reflecting our membership in the British Commonwealth, Belize is seeing a significant increase in business and property investments from the United States and other countries,” said BNAR President Macarena Rose. “We welcome this association with NAR, which will provide avenues of professional, education and educational exchanges and permit us to offer the best levels of real estate practice standards, both to local and international clients.” 

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