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2009-12-24 17:03:59

REALTORS and the Magic of the Holidays

Where do most people enjoy the holidays? At home, in their back yards, around their fireplaces. All of which real estate professionals play a part in making special for millions of people. Whether the sun is shining or the snow is falling, REALTORS help make the holidays a little better for families around the world.


Being part of the real estate industry is one of the most exciting careers in modern times. It’s no small thing to say that REALTORS make people’s dreams come true. One’s home is at the center of their lives: It’s where families are born, people grow and play, and where we gather for dinner. Home is where people gather to enjoy the world. And especially the holidays.

Sometimes it’s around the pool and barbecue; other times it’s around the oven or fireplace. Almost always it’s around a table – with family and friends. In each of our homes, stories are told, and memories are made. Owning a home is the foundation of building our lives.

The real estate industry plays a very special role in people’s lives. We are charged with the responsibility for their most valuable assets. We affect an item full of emotions and memories. We become a part of a complex – joyous, stressful, exciting – period of people’s lives. And when it’s all said and done, we have done something wonderful: We’ve created another special place in the universe.

Some say real estate isn’t brain surgery: True. But it is a matter of life and death. The American Dream is about home ownership. Enjoying life to the fullest best happens when we own our homes. And the rest of the world believes it, too. Liberty – and the fruits borne of that tree – come from unfettered personal ownership of property. It wasn’t a fluke that Jefferson wrote, “Life, liberty and the pursuit of property,” in his first draft.

Today, real estate professionals around the world are changing lives through home ownership.  It’s an awesome responsibility. And a wonderful career. Millions play a part in reshaping people’s neighborhoods, countries and futures. Top sales agents and busy assistants, hard-working managers and risk-taking brokers: Together they make the machinery of home ownership run. So families can grill or swim or play or dine or simply warm their toes around the fire.

So as our thoughts turn to family and friends, to meals and gifts, to joy and cheer, let’s not forget to give thanks. To the millions of hardworking agents and managers – to the builders and bankers – to the trainers and teachers – and the industry leaders worldwide – raise a glass once and proclaim. Home for the holidays is made magical by our friends, the REALTORS,  every day of the year

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