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2010-05-26 18:16:03

50,000 Realtors and Growing

What a wild few weeks I have experienced recently! I had the great fortune and honor to be asked to speak to the top CEO’s in our industry at a conference in Dallas.
During my time at the conference, I also had the privilege to speak to many of these leaders individually. However, since I’ve been home I have continued to have the opportunity to have further conversations with these great leaders of ours.
Many of them want to learn more about the VIRTUAL CULTURE and how we operate. From how we handle compliance issues to how we create a community within the VIRTUAL CULTURE.
But the one question many of these leaders have had of myself; and the answer I have given them has been a real eye opener, not only them, but for myself  as well. The question is “How many Realtors do you believe are currently in some form of the business model called the VIRTUAL CULTURE”.
You have to define what our business model is. We are a true VIRTUAL CULTURE. We have no brick and mortar in any of the states we operate in nationally, except for our small corporate office in Florida. Some of our Realtors have opened their own offices as standalone offices or have opened in Executives suites, but we as a corporation DO NOT operate any brick and mortar offices.
So in order to best answer the question, we have chosen to include all the 100% companies around the nation that are not associated with a franchise, and operate with brick and mortar offices. The number of Realtors in our business model is already staggering.
My best guess estimate is that there are already 50,000 Realtors in the 100% business model.
Most of these 100% models are small Mom and Pops that operate around the country. We are, to the best of my knowledge the only VIRTUAL CULTURE REAL ESTATE BROKERAGE that has taken the concept nationally and branded it.
Can you imagine the power the VIRTUAL CULTURE part of the industry would have, if all these 100% brokerages came together and operated under a single brand? If this were to happen the VIRTUAL CULTURE would be the 5th largest Real Estate Brokerage in the country.
If the traditional Real Estate Brokerage that refer to the 100% concept as FREEDOM SHOPS or the $300 SHOPS really knew how many Realtors have chosen to go this route, I think it would scare the pants off of them.
Here’s another surprising statistic, if we are an example of the 100% Brokerage. Our average Realtor has almost 8 years in the business and average age is around 45 years old. We also average 12 transactions per year per Realtor. All of these numbers are outside of the normal range for the Real Estate Brokerage Industry.
The traditional business model in our industry may want to take a closer look at what is taking place right under their nose. The VIRTUAL CULTURE will continue to grow and gain strength. And before you know it, if all these companies consolidate under one brand or name, the VIRTUAL CULTURE is destined to become the largest business model in our industry within the next 10 years.
James A. Crumbaugh III is CEO of Allison James Estates and Homes and may be reached at Group on RealTown.Check out the Allison James Estates and Homes

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