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2011-07-29 20:13:44

Realtor Websites With Bite: Part Two

Pillar #2: Integrated Listing Syndication

After eight years with the same real estate website provider, another real estate agent recently decided it was time to move on. He switched to Point2 Agent just two weeks ago.

The reason? Fully integrated listing syndication, which was brought to this agent’s attention by his MLS – one of the over 240 that have partnered with Point2.

But there’s more to syndication than meets the eye.

listing syndication Realtor Websites With Bite: Part Two

Syndication as a trend took off around three years ago. Adoption continues to accelerate today, with one of the key drivers being that automating the publishing of listing data eliminates manual data entry and updates on third party websites, both very time consuming, error prone processes that can legally expose the agent and the broker, and unnecessarily tax productivity.

Data accuracy online and agent security are therefore two critical benefits that syndication helps the broker, the agent and their MLS (Multiple Listing Service) to manage more effectively.

Inaccurate or conflicting listings with two different prices, on two different websites, for example, can also create confusion amongst consumers.

Last but not least is wider exposure to more buyers online. Around one third of home buyers start their property search on the Internet, and over 90 percent today use the web as part of the overall property process! With the number of consumer real estate portals on the increase, syndication using an integrated website platform allows the agent to expand their advertising, access online traffic reports and generate leads without having to as much as lift a finger.

And if the syndication service is offered through the agent’s MLS, such as the case with the customer we mentioned earlier, listings also get uploaded on his own website as well, further cutting down the work needed to establish and maintain his website.

The MLS as such becomes the single point of data entry. Enter the data once, publish many times.

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