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2011-06-24 16:16:01

Realtor Websites With Bite: Part One

Pillar #1: World-class Customer Service

A real estate agent, let’s call him John, for privacy purposes, started a website after much research, only to dump it just one day later – and for good reason. Your website is your mainstay on the Internet. It’s your image, your lead generation and lead management system. Investing your precious time and money choosing and setting up the right website for your business is of paramount importance. It is not something you want to switch in and out of frequently, if at all. Do your homework before you commit.

In this series of short articles, we will explore key things to consider when selecting a website platform and host. You want good value, efficiency and productivity. A site that will give you a competitive edge. One that will work hard for you and not distract or frustrate you.

Pillar #1: Look for world class customer service.

 Realtor Websites With Bite: Part One

Yes, top notch customer service takes the number one spot. Ahead of functionality and cost.

Just this month, John dropped his former website provider within 24 hours of signing up, due to some unpleasant surprises on the customer service side of things. The software had checked out well and the price seemed right. The real test came when John needed some help. Instead, he got a couple of unpleasant and unsupportive interactions – or lack thereof from the support staff who was supposed to be helping him.

A quick discussion with the sales team about the company’s customer care philosophy and procedures, work hours and team size is usually a good start and can save you a lot of pain. Try to get feedback from current users. Current users on the company’s blog or message board are only too happy to share their experiences. Needless to say, if this part of the check fails, you got your answer.

A solution provider with solid customer care is organized. They ought to have a set response time frame and systems in place to ensure care tickets get answered within reasonable terms, well trained support personnel with decision making abilities to help resolve questions or issues quickly, and a pleasant approach. They should also offer a strong support personnel to customer ratio, and various ways for you to contact them: e-mail, phone, online chat, message boards and so on.



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