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2008-04-30 11:45:00

Really Awesome Women in Real Estate Gather in Albuquerque

The real estate industry marked an important milestone last week when a group of top women in real estate tied historical forecasting models to their personal prophecies and decided that it is time to create a shift in a declining market. Industry leaders and luminaries gatherered last week in an invitation-only event at the second annual Really Awesome Women in Real Estate (RAW) conference in Albuquerque.

Bernice Ross' "Let Your Spirit Soar" conference opener left attendees with an inkling of how to make a good brain a great brain."Our vision for this conference was to create an invironment where we would have a deep and meaningful conversation about the issues we face not only as business leaders, but also as women seeking to have a quality personal life," said Bernice Ross, Ph.D., group orgaziner. Ross is author of the highly acclaimed Waging War Against Real Estate Discounters, and Going Where: Ancient Wisdom for People Today. Ross is a coach, a national speaker, and a columnist for Inman News.

The conference offered a unique blend of  presentations:

  • Left-brain scholastics are standard fare at most real estate conferences, and the sessions at RAW found left brainers satiated. Industry experts offered the inside track on the latest trends in technology, hard-core economics, and leading edge marketing intelligence.
  • Right-brain synthesizers, usually the forgotten stepchildren at real estate conferences, were honored children here, feasting upon cerebral food to nurture a set of inner mechanics that propel a path to success.
  • Divine spirit and soulfulness are the staple of faith-based events, but rarely the focus of attention among a diverse group of real estate professionals. The RAW confab weaved a spiritual component into the meetings format that transformed the conference experience to what most attendees called "sheer magic." 

Real Estate Forecast and Trends

"There is a light at the end of the tunnel, but we are not going back to the market of 2005," said Leslie Appleton-Young, chief economist and vice-president of the California Assn. of REALTORS. Pointing to a housing crisis and staggering foreclosure rates, Appleton-Young urged attendees to use a microfocus lens in local markets. Neighborhood foreclosure trends often vary dramatically from one part of town to the next, from one street to the next, she said,  and this factors in the advisability of purchase decisions.  


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