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2008-01-07 10:58:00

Real Estate v2.0 - The Book

Click here to order Real Estate v2.0Real Estate v2.0 A Professional's Guide to Dynamic Websites, Blogs, and Podcasts by Dani Babb, Ph.D., MBA, and Alex Lazo, Ph.D., MS.  

Dani Babb, Ph.D., MBA, and Alex Lazo, Ph.D., MS,  have written a book that unravels the mystery of Web 2.0 as it applies to the real estate industry. These are days that find real estate professionals inundated with advice from a growing cadre of real estate tech pundits whose credentials include little or no hands on experience in real estate sales and management, who view the RE net with tech prisms that lack a practical focus.

That's not a problem here. Dani Babb has written extensively about residential, commercial, and mult-unit real estate. The authors present a real estate specific overview and history of the Web from  fundamental Web 1.0 applications to  Web 2.0 consumer participatory models with a focus on blogs and social networking cyber tools that real estate agents and brokers can use to remodel an online presence that corresponds with consumer needs for more transparency, participation, and relevant content.

The first thing I did after reading Real Estate v2.0 was order 40 copies of the book for the real estate agents enrolled in No Blogger Left Behind, an eight-week Webinar and blog coaching program.

The book shows real estate agents ways to embrace new technology and tools to increase listings, attract new buyers, design more efficient work models, and generate quicker closings. The authors use a wide lens that focuses on the inviting architecture model of social networking sites like RealTown® and a narrower lens that defines the predicitive marketing potential at a web site's back end. The authors believe that advances in artificial intelligence will chart consumers 'web journeys, their clicks and mouseovers and blog comments, and empower real estate professionals to tailor relevant responses to their real estate needs based on the binary dynamics, a keyboard, and a mouse.

The book offers a bounty of resources, web sites, and URLs, an Emarketing Quiz, FAQs, and analysis of outstanding web sites that are graded in terms of content, appearance, usability, and cutting-edginess. The book is required reading for all realty pros who want a larger piece of the growing Web pie.

(Frances Flynn Thorsen is Managing Editor of She is the author of HUD Homes for Sale: A Complete Buyer's Guide and HUD Homes for Sale: A Sales and Marketing Guide for Real Estate Agents. She publishes several blogs, including RealTown Report, The REALTYgram Blogger, and Web Women Giving Circle Blog. She is the Co-Creator of No Blogger Left Behind, and a licensed REALTOR in Pennsylvania and Arizona.)

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