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2007-09-20 20:15:00

Real Estate Property Web Sites for the iPhone and iPod Touch

RealBird  has announced today that its Listing Publisher™ service is now optimized for the new iPhone and iPod Touch devices. This allows real estate agents to take full advantage of the power, ease of use, and versatility of these groundbreaking Apple mobile devices and make listing presentations anywhere they choose. As the first product of its kind for the iPhone and iPod touch, it is also a pioneering move from to use the device as a way of enabling Realtors to engage home buyers anywhere, anytime.

The iPhone/iPod Touch version of the RealBird Listing Publisher works automatically, by recognizing the mobile device upon loading and displaying a specially formatted and optimized version of the property website. Through the built-in RSS feed, the agent's whole inventory of listings is become also automatically available. The photo slideshow of the flyer is fast and very impressive. The built-in maps and directions povide instant location information for the property .On the iPhone the agent's phone number is automatically hotlinked to the built-in phone call functionality.

Patti Lyles said, "The iPhone/iPod Touch is truly the first mobile device where I can say that I'd rather show my properties on it than on a laptop. My RealBird property websites load in seconds, the photos are crisp and clear, and the user interface could not be better. I dare say that the combination of the iPhone with the RealBird Listing Publisher has true potential to make me stand out from the crowd. As a luxury property broker, this is a very high value for me."

Zoltan Szendro, CTO and Executive Vice President for RealBird said: "It is our mission to enable real estate agents with the best technology for their listing marketing needs. The Apple iPhone and the iPod Touch will be just as much 'must-haves' for Realtors as regular cell phones are today. With our new implementation of the Listing Publisher I am happy that we are first to market and are leading the pack again!"

About RealBird

RealBird's services include listing marketing, agent marketing and lead generation tools uniquely tailored to the needs of the residential and commercial real estate industry. The RealBird Listing Publisher provides an easy-to-use Single Property Web site builder with syndication to thirrd party classified sites. The RealBird Map-based Search service couples the traditional, form-based MLS search with the ability to browse listings on a street or aerial map. RealBird has over 8,000 members and also provides mapping services to leading broker portals and virtual tour providers. 

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