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2007-11-14 15:36:00

Real Estate in 2008 - REALTORS Share Ideas for Success

What does an agent have to do to be successful in 2008?

Hundreds of agents have answered this question this week and their answers are available in a FREE e-book dowload.

How would hundreds of top real estate agents answer this question? What ideas do they offer for success in real estate in 2008? 

In only one week, hundreds of top real estate agents from across the country have contributed over 1,000 ideas to publish Transforming the market in 2008.  A cadre of agents collaborated on the first ever real estate "crowdsourcing" project during the National Assn. of REALTORS annual conference in Las Vegas this week. Real estate agents and coaches (shown below left to right, Real Estate Coach Joeann Fossland of Tucson and REALTOR Wynne Achatz of Marine City, MI) gathered at the conference and interviewed agents in meetings and in the exposition hall to write and publish an entire book of ideas.  Based on a secret project started on Friday, November 9th, "Project Tinkertoy" gained traction quickly and thousands of agents became aware of this effort in 100 hours.

Real Estate Coach Joeann Fossland (left) of Tucson and Michigan REALTOR Wynne Achatz are conducting REALTOR-in-the-street interviews for "Project Tinkertoy." They are shown here reviewing Joeann's most recent article in Womens Council of REALTORS "Connections" magazine. Wynne contributed to the article there, also. These ladies are no strangers to collaborative publishing!Today that book is a reality and available in digital format.  A e-book version is available at and a paperback version will be available by November 19, 2007. One third of the profits will be donated to breast cancer research efforts, said Kantor.

Real Estate in 2008 is based on the big global city of the Internet and a crowd of real estate agents coming together to help each other and the industry.  “It is amazing what is possible to accomplish with hundreds of real estate agents working together in just a few days,” said Steve Kantor, President of Best Agent Business.  “Anything is possible.” Kantor is the author of Billion Dollar Agent: Lessons Learned

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