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2008-01-30 16:26:00

Real Estate: For Sale by Owners Have a Competitive Advantage

With the housing market in most parts of the United States currently heavily favoring buyers, homeowners who want to sell their homes face an uphill battle. For Sale by Owner (FSBO) properties often aren't marketed as aggressively as needed, because of the often-expensive cost of advertising or because of the marketing inexperience of the seller. Now, there is good news for homeowners selling their homes without the aid of a real estate agent: They can advertise their homes on Search Homes on TV (SHOTV), a weekly television program that began its run on DirecTV Satellite Network in early January.

Search for Homes on TV is, according to President John Giaimo, run by a professional marketing agency that knows how to get results. For those homeowners who want their homes featured, there are several advertising options, ranging in cost from $399 to $1,295. Each advertising campaign, run by Giaimo and his team, will include such marketing tools as television advertising; video walk-through and presentation; Internet distribution on well-traveled and significant search engines including Google and Yahoo; direct mail marketing with local distribution of postcard mailers; local newspaper classified advertising; and custom printed flyers and lawn signage.

In addition, homeowners can list their properties on - SHOTV's Web site - for free.

"Unlike competing FSBO sites, all data elements and up to seven images of the property can be promoted on our site at no cost. And the listing may remain on the site until sold,"
Giaimo says. "We have an aggressive and ongoing ad campaign to draw would-be buyers to our Web site."

The typical homeowner spends approximately $200 every week to advertise their homes in local newspapers. But, to sell a home in a down market, today's homeowners must be far more aggressive rather than focusing on only one marketing tool.
SHOTV allows them to do just that.

"We are changing the way real estate is handled. From the advertising to the actual selling of the property, it's now a whole new venture," Giaimo says.

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