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2009-11-09 19:49:21

Real Estate Confidence Index Survey Needs Your Opinion

RECI – The forward looking Real Estate Confidence Index survey released by Point2 Technologies Inc. is looking your opinion. In around 60 seconds, you can share your view and opinion on your local area market conditions with other REALTORS® around the country. Today, 11/09/2009, is the last day that the survey will be open, so complete the survey before it is too late.

The results of the September 2009 survey can be found at The data, presented as an Index aims to paint a picture of how REALTORS® feel the market will look like 3-6 months and 12-18 months out. It’s the only ‘forward looking’ market Index we know of that presents data on a State by State basis and does not use mathematical projections but is rather built based on the opinions of those who know their market best.

The RECI tracks Current market sentiment, Short-Term (3 – 6 months) Optimism/Pessimism and Long-Term (12 – 18 months) Optimism/Pessimism of real estate professionals in the United States. The median across all three time periods represents the forward looking Index measure for the month.

Septembers results show that the current sentiment of real estate professionals in the United States averaged 5.06 on a seasonally adjusted basis, up from 4.96 in August. The change represents a 2 percent improvement in confidence across the country. However, the forward looking Short Term (3 – 6 months) Optimism Pessimism reading came in at 5.70, slipping 1.7 percent.

Nearly 2,500 real estate professionals across the United States contributed to the Real Estate Confidence Index in September.

For more details about this survey or its results, go to:

To participate in the survey for October 2009, complete the survey here, before November 10th, 2009.

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