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2007-02-20 16:46:00

Real Estate Companies Flourish at the Click of a Mouse

Lois McDaniel used to sleep in the shower. Working 70 to 80-hour workweeks, the former typesetting manager for a large newspaper gave up sleep, family time and even her health. Her employer’s prodding once prompted the media professional to return to work just weeks after a kidney and liver transplant. “I don’t mind working hard, but you wake up one morning and realize that you have missed half of your life,” reveals McDaniel. Her solution came in the form of virtual staffing company, Team Double-Click.

The virtual staffing company is popular among its clients for its rigorous screening, interviewing and training process. Rather than showing its clients where to find virtual assistants, Team Double-Click assesses their needs and matches them with the perfect one. McDaniel’s career change excites her. For a year, she worked with a Chicago-based attorney organizing political fundraisers for a then unknown Barack Obama. She now works full-time with a prominent real estate investor and coach.

Virtual assistants are not the only ones singing the praises of virtual outsourcing. Businesses, like never before, have access to administrative, marketing and sales specialists without overhead burdens. Robert Borger of Prudential Douglas Elliman knows the advantages of virtual outsourcing. The real estate professional uses virtual assistants as his customer care team to process Internet leads. Besides discovering that having highly trained people in different time zones across the United States enables extended hours, Borger learned that working virtually increases efficiency and reduces costs. “When you look at their daily reports, you see how long it takes to do things. It forces you to tighten your agenda,” Borger states.

Jim Gillespie, real estate coachJim Gillespie’s business also reaps the rewards of virtual assistance and project-based virtual outsourcing. The well-known commercial real estate coach engaged the services of his first virtual assistant four years ago. The Internet-based professional maintained his massive client database and quickly took the reigns of coordinating his monthly coaching calls. Now, after fielding countless calls and e-mails from the public, Gillespie is beefing up his virtual force so he can focus on activities that will build his business. “With where I am about to go, it would be impossible without them,” he admits.

Meanwhile, McDaniel cannot imagine returning to brick and mortar working. She now enjoys vacations and family reunions – things she never could when she worked for the newspaper. “It’s like having my life back again.”

About Team Double-Click

Launched in 2000, Team Double-Click is a virtual staffing agency. Maximizing the experience of founder Gayle Buske, a staffing expert and with over 20 years of business experience, the company offers small businesses an economical, but productive alternative to on-site staffing.

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