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2007-06-19 19:30:00

Rapattoni SSO Connects to RealTown Online Community

RealTown's John Reilly (left) and Saul Klein discuss Single Sign On tech with Niki Rapattoni at NAR MidYear Expo.Simi Valley, CA, June 19, 2007 -– Rapattoni Corporation has established Single Sign-On (SSO) access between Rapattoni’s SSO identity portals and InternetCrusade’s RealTown®, a highly respected real estate network featuring a variety of online communities as well as a wealth of community-created content.
RealTown’s nearly 60,000 subscribers can look forward to increased convenience as Rapattoni customers adopt SSO as an added service for their association members and MLS subscribers. RealTown has deployed the Microsoft WS-Trust form of the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) technology, which is compatible with the Rapattoni SSO programs. Rapattoni’s SSO implementation is compatible with most commercial versions of SAML that adhere to industry standards.

Saul Klein, CEO ofInternetCrusade, said, “In a matter of two days, Rapattoni was able to link up their identity portal with the already existing SSO capabilities of the RealTown gateway. Extending the SSO network to the MLSs and associations served by Rapattoni is a great step into the future.”

“The Rapattoni-RealTown SSO link includes a very advanced account linking feature of  SAML SSO, in which the user only has to log on to the RealTown site the first time the SSO link is used,” said Rapattoni’s Chief Information Officer Peter Williams. “Thereafter, the SAML infrastructure ‘remembers’ this information appropriately, allowing the user to access RealTown seamlessly without reentering their user ID and password.”

“Rapattoni’s SSO technology is not proprietary, but rather utilizes an industry standard that can integrate with any SAML-compliant servers,” said Andy Rapattoni, president and CEO of Rapattoni Corporation.

Rapattoni’s Single Sign-On (SSO) is included in all of its Internet-based programs at no additional cost to its customers. This feature allows members to log on one time — using their user ID and password, and optionally a stronger token-based authentication — and then be able to access any other authorized website without having to log on again.

The SSO feature is based on the security industry standard SAML technology. This technology allows the customer to establish "trust" relationships between websites. Rapattoni's SSO program creates and sends an attached SAML "file" along with a link that can be received by any complying vendor's website. This process allows the user to avoid repeated logons. Once the user has gained access to a compliant remote site, they can move freely between the websites.
About InternetCrusade®

InternetCrusade ( is a San Diego-based company that was founded in 1995.  Specializing in online publishing, InternetCrusade provides tools and systems for real estate professionals including domains, domain hosting, e-mail systems and hosting, online communities, blogs, online voting and surveys. The firm is the exclusive provider of the National Association of REALTORS’ e-PRO® certification course and a member of the NAR REALTOR Benefits Program. InternetCrusade’s principals have more than 100 years of combined real estate industry experience. The portal is the embodiment of a vision created more than a decade ago, a real estate portal with concentration on Content, Context, Collaboration and Community. 

About Rapattoni

Rapattoni Corporation has been serving the real estate industry under the same name and management for 37 years. The company provides an array of integrated products and services for real estate associations and MLS organizations including Internet MLS systems, association management software, and Secure Logon for multiple listing, transaction management and Internet member services. Rapattoni is fully certified as a NAR REALTOR® Secure provider. Rapattoni is continuing its rapid growth as an MLS system provider with more than 100 MLS organizations under contract and approximately 250,000 agents served. Rapattoni’s headquarters and state-of-the-art Internet data center are located in Simi Valley, CA.

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